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January 8, 2015

December 2014 General Membership Meeting Minutes

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Family Association of The Gregory School

General Membership Meeting

December 11, 2014

In attendance: Mary Babbitt, Nancy Bargamian, Ellen Bublick, Jennifer Cassius, Suzan Costich, Valerie Deitch, Abbey Glaze, Monika Gloesslein, Leslie Heros, Christina Maher, Andrea Mainman, Cindy McDaniel, Sharon Norman, Becky Rebenstorf, Julie Sherrill, Marta Silva, Laura Swenson, Monica Walker, Lisa Wiedenbush, Patti Wisnom


Welcome and Announcements

F.A. President Andrea Mainman welcomed parents and staff and called the meeting to order at 7:55 AM. Introductions then continued around the room. Andrea explained that Dr. Michelle Berry was ill and her presentation would be postponed to a later meeting date.

A motion was made and passed to approve the the November meeting minutes.


Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Valerie Deitch reported that things were fairly slow this month. $300 was allocated for the “Farmer’s Market” staff appreciation event. Donation income will be incorporated into that. The 9th grade class party incurred nominal expenses.


Committee Reports

Staff Appreciation – Andrea read a note from Elizabeth Young thanking families for the wonderful Farmer’s Market. Co-chairs Monika Gloesslein and Leslie Heroes were recognized and thanked for their hard work on this event.

Fine Arts – Andrea recapped the recent Winter Festival, which included middle school art projects displayed in the gym, music played by our school band, student artwork for sale and fabulous student performances in the theater. Dr. Sherrill recognized the hard work of the faculty involved in putting this event together.

Parent Reps – Andrea explained that many classes are waiting until the spring to plan events, due to the busy calendar surrounding the holiday time.

Shop and Give – Suzan Costich reminded parents to sign up for AmazonSmiles as they shop for gifts. There is no extra cost to us, so please don’t pass up on this opportunity to support the school! The Gregory School receives 0.5% of purchases made, which can be a sizable amount, collectively. – carrying an array of eco-friendly products – also has a rewards program, currently giving us 20% of each purchase. Don’t forget to think of The Gregory School when shopping at Bashas and Safeway, too. We earmark these funds for the student grant process, allocating the funds to proposed school-related needs.

Winter Formal – Christina Maher updated attendees on Winter Formal planning progress. Students will receive save-the-date magnets on lockers the Monday before winter break. Tickets will go on sale when school resumes in January. The cost per ticket will be $40 during the first week and go up to $45 during the second. The DJ is doing a radio clip. We’re hoping for a minimum of 100 students for this masquerade- themed event.


Development Report

Becky Rebenstorf spoke about the Annual Fund, which supports the critical needs of the school, special programming, etc. While most gifts are undesignated, there are other options this year, enabling donors to channel funds into several different categories. Suzan Costich added that the school has fixed and variable costs and those are divided among the number of students we serve. In spite of the fact that costs and student numbers vary each year, the school keeps tuition relatively consistent, counting on Annual Fund dollars to make up the difference. The benefit to donors in paying a lower tuition plus making an Annual Fund pledge is that donations can be written off at tax time. Becky reminded parents that donating any amount – even a small one – helps the school. In addition to the funds that go into the pot, it makes the school look good when applying for grants, etc. THE PERCENTAGE OF PARENTS DONATING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE INDIVIDUAL AMOUNTS. Volunteers are needed to help make calls. Please contact Becky if you’d like to help with this.

She also reiterated that tax credit donations come completely off donor taxes. You are giving to the school instead of the state. Development goals for this year: $300,000 for the Annual Fund and $500,000 for the Tax Credit.

Alumi have been invited to the winter break party at North. Invitations were sent with class photos, matching students to each of their individual classes.


Head of School Report

Dr. Sherrill told us that the ISAS visiting team has completed a “draft report.” In the area of development, the recommendation was to focus attention on building and maintaining alumni relationships. Abbey Glaze, a recently hired Gregory School employee, will be taking on this responsibility.

A new second semester schedule was distributed, reflecting slight modifications. This was done based on student and faculty feedback. Monday meetings were slated to focus on what will be happening in the week ahead. A mixed division tutorial time was set for Wednesdays to help with cross-over between middle school and upper school courses. To wrap up the week, an all-school meeting will take place on Fridays. School-day start and end times will not be affected.

Overall, administration was pleased with the draft report. It is consistent with strategic planning that has been occurring at the board level. The report should be finalized by next spring.

Dr. Sherrill thanked Monika, Leslie and all of the parent volunteers who participated in the Farmer’s Market. She commented that these kinds of events make a world of difference about how people feel about the community at The Gregory School.


New Business

Andrea reported that the staff lounge remodel is moving forward. The Tuller family is donating a plaque dedicating the lounge in Karen O’Brien’s name. A new refrigerator, dishwasher, cabinets and artwork are planned to replace the items in disrepair. She is hoping that this will be finished over winter break.

Upcoming events include final exams, December 16th-19th. School hours will be 9 am to 2 pm on those days. Winter Formal on January 18th.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:49 AM.



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