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October 3, 2014

September 2014 General Membership Meeting Minutes

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SEPTEMBER 11, 2014

In attendance: Paula Allen, Sarah Artzi, Mary Babbitt, Nancy Bargamian (Weisel), Suzan Costich, Valerie Deitch, Monika Gloesslein, Elizabeth Goodwin, Gabrielle Gonzales, Karen Lesser, Andrea Mainman, Debra Meyer, Patty Nolen, Becky Rebenstorf, Tina Roesler, Sonya Petersen, Julie Sherrill, Lisanne Skyler, Laura Swenson, Tamara Underwood, Monika Walker.


President Andrea Mainman called the meeting to order @ 7:56 a.m. Dr. Mainman initiated the meeting with brief introductions for all of those in attendance. A moment of silence was given in memory of 9-11 victims.


Treasurer’s Report: Valerie Deitch presented the current budget results. No anomalies were reported.


Committee Reports

Homecoming: Gabrielle Gonzales gave an overview of the plans for Homecoming ’14. While the event itself is Free to all, wristbands will be sold for unlimited access to “special attractions” such as the bungee jump, rock climbing wall, slide and jumping castle. Homecoming is not designed as a money maker but designed to cover costs. Student clubs will be present in an effort to bring awareness of their purpose. Kavo & Tunzi will be grilling burgers, veggie burgers and hot dogs. All grades are welcome as well as families and friends from other schools. Isabella’s Ice Cream will be sold, along with Kona Ice Cones. Food and attractions may be purchased via tickets ($1 per ticket) to enable a la carte access to specific attractions. A “Sign Up Genius” link is available on the E-view and will arrive via email once more. Shifts are 1 hour each and volunteers are greatly appreciated. Participating in Homecoming is a great way to meet other families and parents.

Staff Appreciation: Monika Gloesslein reported that the first committee meeting went well. Each grade (the parents for that grade) will prepare some sort of appreciation event for staff on an assigned month. Juniors are leading the effort with a brunch planned for September 22nd. The calendar with grades assigned each month is being prepared. Where possible, students will get involved. Tina Roesler added details of the Farmers Market idea used for November. All parents from all grades are invited to assist with both the November and December events.

Grad Night: Tina Roesler described the structure of Grad Nights of the past. This year’s Grad Night will take a new twist since it will occur on a Thursday night. The committee is currently working on logistics for this. In planning, there is sensitivity to the fact that many graduates may have out of town company. Volunteers are needed to chaperone. It is essential to have parents of younger students present since senior parents are not allowed. Any parent is welcome to help!

Parent Reps: Elizabeth Goodwin reported that a recent meeting of all parent reps for grades 5 through 8 went well. The 5th grade had a wonderful back to school party on August 11th. The 6th grade is holding their party on September 14th and the 7th grade is holding theirs on September 13th. The 8th grade party is being planned.

Fine Arts: Watch for further information regarding late fall events and programs. Shop N Give: Suzan Costich detailed programs available for participation in, to include Escrip (Safeway), Fry’s and Target. Andrea Mainman added that Mighty Nest is another wonderful partner and currently is holding a contest that could earn the school a monetary prize, should we win. The funds from Shop N Give will be awarded via the Grant process to various clubs and/or student groups.

Athletics: Dr. Mainman reminded all parents that the Hawk’s Next is now open for selling snacks each day after school from 2:30 to 4:30p.m. as well as during all games.


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