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August 9, 2013

May 2013 Meeting minutes

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St. Gregory School

FA Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

May 7, 2013


In attendance: Sarah Artzi, Mary Babbitt, Paula Babis, Carol Baranowski, Rick Belding, Jennifer Cassius, Cathy Chavez, Suzan Costich, Monika Gloesslein, Gabrielle Gonzales, Nancy Goodman, Laurie Kassman, Stan Kissinger, Monique Kornell, Margaret Larsen, Sharon Norman, Tina Roesler, Melinda Rogers, Kathy Ross, Shelly Silverman, Tracey Straight, Marvis Sylvers, Rachel Villarreal, Naomi Weiner, Diane Williams.


President Kathy Ross called the meeting to order @ 8:03 a.m.


Mrs. Ross initiated the meeting with brief introductions and a statement advising the purpose of the meeting, that being election of officers and approval of the budget for the upcoming year.

The meeting minutes from the April 2, 2013 FA general membership meeting were approved.

Board of Trustees:

Shelly Silverman summarized that St. Gregory had an overall great year with a huge class of graduating students.   The Board continues their branding assessment, to include a thoughtful consideration of whether or not a name change would be beneficial.  She encouraged all parents to say “Yes” to FA requests for involvement.  Mrs. Silverman stated that the school operates in great part by the efforts of the Family Association.


Nominating Chair:  Nancy Goodman reviewed the process of elections and presented a slate of officers for the upcoming school year.  These positions include Andrea Mainman as President, Suzan Costich as Vice President, Naomi Weiner as Treasurer, Jennifer Cassius as Secretary and Laura Swenson as Nominating Chair. A show of hands supported the vote of approval.


Treasurer’s Report:  Naomi Weiner reported that all committees are on track with use of their budgeted amounts.  The new budget was established at $21,000 and parent rep allocations increased to $300/grade.  A Headmaster discretionary fund has been created. Mrs. Weiner reminded all of those in attendance that the FA donated $10,000 for campus beautification during the 2012-13 year.  In response to questions on Homecoming, it was revealed that the event is striving to be self sufficient with help from an underwriting sponsor. At this time, the committee is searching for a sponsor for next year’s event.



Committee Reports:


Fine Arts: The middle school will hold a one act school play, “Aladdin”, on May 17th.  This is the final Fine Arts event of the year.  Baked goods will be sold; please look for a doodle poll to request help with baking and sales. Cathy Chavez thanked all of those who helped with bake sales throughout the year.


Boosters: Laurie Kassman reported that St. Gregory will be hosting the annual TIAL tournament this month.  The Hawk’s Next is scheduled to be open and any help with running the snack bar is greatly appreciated. Mrs. Kassman reminded all of those in attendance that funds from Booster activities benefit the school athletic department.  A recent example of this is evident with the new mats installed in the gym.


STG Adminstration: Mary Babbitt reported that the cost of textbooks is included into tuition costs for the 2013-14 year. A book “buy back” or “drop off” will be held the week before school commences.  Please watch for the list of eligible books involved.  Returning gently used books helps the school maintain the lowest possible costs. It is not beneficial to “switch” books with other students/families as each returning student will be provided textbooks upon their return in the Fall.


Unfinished Business:  President Kathy Ross presented Rick Belding with a gift as thanks for a terrific job as Interim Head of School.  She then invited all of those in attendance to stay after the formal meeting for a delicious breakfast to display gratitude for the wonderful help by all parents.


New Business: No new business was brought to the floor.


The formal FA meeting was adjourned at 8:36 a.m.

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