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November 28, 2018

FA Meeting Minutes – Thursday, August 30, 2018

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The Gregory School

Family Association


Thursday, August 30, 2018

El Mirador Boardroom


Attendees:  Anne Jie, Darcy Nagle-O’Brien, Lisa Wiedebush, Jennifer Marshall, Norman Busch, Becky Knope, Amy Seifert, Rose Schneider, Emeka Onuoha, Joselyn Culver, Patti Wisnom, Gabrielle Gonzales, Rebecca Sundt, Elle Landry, Janet Orth, Steph Evic, Mara Salles, Paula Allen, Marnie Ackerman, Katia Soriaho-Noussair, Alacia Sooter, Janice Rodenberg, Tim McMahon, Dinah Dabdoub, Karla Lehmann, Jan Richardson, Andrea Gerlak, Mark Reynolds, Julie Shulick, Liza Healy, Yaara Ellis, Valerie Deitch, Christine Harland, Claudine Messing, Katherine Pew, Darlene Twiss, Will Smith, Elizabeth Goodwin, Lynda Zimmermann, Marie Maloney, Jim Evans; Julie Sherrill, Lori Patton, Sarajane Tier, Mary Laughbaum, Mary Babbitt.


FA President, Darcy Nagle-O’Brien, called the meeting at 8:53 a.m.


Hawk’s Pride Opportunities Angela Earnhart, Director of Athletics


Coach Earnhart said that the goal of this school year was to increase athletic participation. To that end, the Athletic Department was planning for raffle prizes, snacks for opening matches, and snacks for middle school and upper school games. Locker decoration for athletes was planned for Homecoming and two other times during the year. Coach Earnhart encouraged student athletes and parents to participate in the upcoming event on athlete recruiting process on September 9th. The annual Hawk Walk would be held on Sunday, February 10, 2019. Coach Earnhart was looking for sponsorship, volunteers, and participants.


Welcome and Introduction


The FA Executive Committee introduced themselves.


School Update Dr. Julie Sherrill, Head of School


Dr. Sherrill welcomed new families to the school. She recapped that the lunch program provided by SAGE was made possible by a grant of $500K from a nonprofit organization. The Board of Trustee would discuss further about strategic decision on the lunch program for 330 students. Dr. Sherrill shared the compliment from Ian Churchill, the manager of SAGE, and his team for the kindness and consideration shown by TGS students. The SAGE team also praised the healthy eating habits of our students.


Dr. Sherrill encouraged parents to take advantage of the tax credit program which provided significant funding to the school. She briefly discussed the corporate tax credit, which fell short last school year. Dr. Sherrill said that the school also consider reaching out to former parents for potential tax credit.


Dr. Sherrill introduced Mark Reynolds and complimented his team for establishing good rapport with students on campus. She said that security drills were about practice and communication. The school had improved security with a new public announcement system, two-way radios, emergency texts to parents, and evacuation plan.


Board of Trustee Report Patti Wisnom, President


Patti thanked the new parents, as well as the FA and its committees, for contributing to the TGS community. She said that the Board’s upcoming retreat in September would focus on finance and vision for the future.


Treasurer Report Emeka Onuoha, FA Treasurer


The FA budget was expected to meet its goal this school year if 200 families contributed $100 each. There are 261 families at the TGS. About 43 families contributed cash and checks at registration with more expected through PayPal. Emeka encouraged parents to contribute and participate in FA events.


Committee Reports


Homecoming Gabrielle Gonzales, Darlene Twiss, Yaara Ellis, Heather Harasty

  • Homecoming would take place on Thursday, October 4. Student Council activities would start at 3:30 p.m., followed by games and food trucks. She solicited help for decoration.
  • Gabrielle would send out a list of one-hour shifts through Signup Genius.


Hawk’s Pride Lisa Wiedebush, Jennifer Richardson

  • The snack bar for sport events was planned. Snack bags were given to first-away games.


Fine Arts Leslie Heros, Marie Maloney, Darlene Buhrow

  • Marie said that the Committee planned to provide snacks and refreshment for students and audience. The performances this year included: the US fall plays, Clue (Oct. 25, 26 & 27); winter play, Black Comedy (Jan. 18 & 19); spring musicals (early Feb.); and MS drama play (Feb. 15).
  • The executive committee members urged parent representatives and committee members to check up supplies in Room 11 before ordering any. Many plates, utensils and banners were left from previous activities.


Staff Appreciation Jennifer Cassius

  • The chair solicited ideas from parents how to improve the Staff Appreciation.


Shop & Gift Becky Knope

  • Darcy Nagle-O’Brien said that the green donation bin in partnership with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Tucson would remain the parking lot. The FA received a small percentage of the proceeds from the sales of donated items.
  • Becky Knope agreed to chair the committee for another year. She would get more car wash passes for sale to parents during Homecoming.


Winter Formal Lisa Wiedebush

  • The date has been set for Jan. 26, 2019. Location to be determined.


Middle School Reps Paula Allen

  • MS Welcome for 5th grade parents was held at the Tucson Racquet Club on August 12.
  • The welcome party for 6th grade was held at Fantastix on Aug. 18. The FA paid for ice cream and parents for the admission.
  • Meet & Greet for all middle school reps would be held on Sept. 7.
  • MIddle School Dance was scheduled for November 9th and Paula was looking for a place for a parent get-together nearby.


Upper School Reps Elizabeth Goodwin

  • Planning would be for the End of the Year party and Staff Appreciation. Communication links would be sent to FA, students and faculty.
  • General welcome for 9th graders and families was held the week of August 25th. Planning was underway for parent get-together and Grad Night’19, which would be a secret to the seniors.


Becky Knope moved to approve the May FA Minutes and Steph Evic seconded. The minutes were approved.


The meeting was adjourned on 10:03 a.m.

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