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April 13, 2018

March 8, 2018 FA Meeting Minutes (with Attachments)

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In Attendance: Rose Schneider, Claudine Messing, Paula Allen, Gema Ornelas, Marcela Arizpuro, Connie Aaronson, Dinah Dabdoub, Rebecca Knope, Patti Wisnom, Jessie Zhou, Lori Patton, Gabrielle Gonzalez, Andrea Mainman, Emeka Onuoha, Dianna Williams, Julie Sherrill, Marie Maloney, Valerie Deitch, Jim Evans, Elizabeth Goodwin, Mary Babbitt, Sarajane Trier, Darcy Nagel-O’Brien, Kate Spaulding (guest speaker).

• Welcome and Introductions
FA President, Darcy Nagel-O’Brien, called the meeting to order at 9:01 a.m.

Guest Speaker Kate Spaulding, Pima County Teen Court Program
“Juvenile Law: Poor Choices Good Kid Make” Ms. Spaulding introduced the participants to Pima County Teen Court Program which focuses on the sentencing phase of teens arrested. She welcomed participation of students aged 12 or older to participate as defense, prosecutor, or jury. All participants will be trained, including mock trial participants. More information could be found at Please also see a copy of the quiz Ms. Spaulding shared.

School Update Julie Sherrill, Head of School
The school was seeing increased enrollment for the upcoming year. There were 20 students above what was expected. The school anticipated growth in the Freshmen class next year, retaining 80% of 8th graders and meeting the 60-student target. Next year’s junior class would be the smallest. With the increase, the school looked to more hiring of science and math faculty.

The Board of Trustees assigned an ad hoc committee to review the security protocol and evaluate resource issues. An information session was planned for April. Parent feedback would be sought.

The school welcomed feedback from students and parents on Friday Exploration. The school would set aside some resources for the faculty to plan and tie Friday Exploration to curriculum. Community service learning would also be planned for next year.

Dr. Sherrill also shared exciting updates on Spring musical, food services, world competition in Tel Aviv, state championship, and science night.

• Board of Trustees Report Patti Wisnom, Trustee
Patti briefly mentioned a Board meeting would be scheduled for spring break.

• Treasurer Report Valerie Deitch, Treasurer
Valerie updated on the FA budget and encouraged more shopping at Barsha. She also mentioned the donation bin from Big Brother Big Sister, which would give 5% of the proceeds to FA.
Paula Allen moved to approve January 2018 FA meeting minutes and Becky Knope seconded.

Committee Reports:
• Hawks Pride (Amber Adil): Banquet next month to recognize the US athletes.
• Fine Arts (Leslie Heros, Marie Maloney, Darlene Buhrow): Funny Girl is coming up. 4/5-7
• Middle School Rep (Paula Allen): A parent gathering was scheduled for the night of the Middle School Dance. The 6th and 7th grades would join for the end-of-year party, possibly at Skate County. The 8th grade would host party with expenses paid by the Hazen family. A fundraising night would be held at Lotaburger on 4/30 during US musical and basketball tournament.
• Upper School Rep (Elizabeth Goodwin): US is very busy. There would be 9-10 grade year-end parties. A few fun things, such as goodie bags for 100 days to graduation, were in planning.

• Reminder about parent volunteers for lunch program: Shifts are MS/US lunch are 11:25am to 12:45pm. Choose as many or as few days as you like. Any questions or link to sign-up genius, please contact Amie Bergersen (

The meeting ended at 9:56 a.m.

NEXT FA MEETING: Thursday, May 3, (9 – 10:00 a.m.), El Mirador Board Room

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