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September 13, 2017

August 24, 2017 FA Meeting Minutes

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TGS Family Association


Thursday, August 24, 2017

El Mirador Board Room


In attendance: Valerie Deitch, Lisa Wiedebush, Rose Schneider, Marie Maloney, Darcy Nagle-O’Brien, Anne Jie; Lee Anne Maier, Gabrielle Gonzalez, Steph Evic, Margaret Marino, Paula Allen, Monika Gloesslein; Dinah Dabdoub, Leslie Williams, Emeka Onuoha, Andrea Mainman, Elizabeth Haily, Amber Adil; Marcella Arizpuro, Celia Baver, Laura Swenson, Daria Lasala; Ilene Quander, Toni Esquibel, Cindy McDaniel, Claudine Messing; Jian Jun Zhu, Kimberlynn Drew, Cathryn Ramus, Jen Richardson, Ginger Hunt, Celia Baver, Becky Knope; Mary Laughbaum, Mary Babbit, Lori Patton, Julie Sherrill, Sarajane Trier.


Welcome & Introductions

Meeting was called to order at 8:58 a.m. by FA Co-President, Darcy Nagle-O’Brien. She welcomed all and began introductions around the room. Motion to approve the April 2017 meeting minutes was made and the minutes were approved.


Treasurer’s Budget Report

Treasurer, Valerie Deitch, gave her report. A total of about $11,000 was received at Registration. A few more contributions were expected to trickle in. An additional $45 was received from Basha. Both the 6th grade welcome party and registration were within budget.


Committee Reports

  • Homecoming (Co-chairs: Gabrielle Gonzales & Darlene Twiss)

Gabrielle introduced the history of and planning for Homecoming, which started in 2007 and is a great family event. This year’s Homecoming is planned for Friday, October 13th. The event will start at 4 p.m. with flag football at the soccer field and Upper School volleyball in the gym. There will be soccer under the lights in the Big Field, as well as other MS and US activities. There will also be a jumping gym and big slides. Gabrielle said that the biggest expense would be light rental. The FA also raised funds from the grill, shaved ice truck, and ice cream truck. The FA will work closely with Student Council. The next planning meeting will be at 11:45 a.m. on September 11th. Gabrielle asked for more parent volunteers and said that starting at the end of September and about three weeks before the event, signup sheets for one-hour shifts will go out. Décor parties will also be held over the next few weeks.

  • Hawk’s Pride (Chair: Amber Adil)

Amber Adil, the current chair, proudly showed her Hawk’s Pride T-shirt and stated that the goal of the committee was to support the school sports activities. Amber asked for an US parent to co-chair with her and welcomed more ideas. One of the popular things in the past was to decorate athletes’ lockers. Amber said that the best way to support our athletes would be coming out and cheering them in school sports.

  • Staff Appreciation (Chair: Andrea Mainman)

Andrea stated that the goal of the committee was to show appreciation for staff, including lunch in September and farmer market in October. Lunches have been popular. At the end of the semester, the committee would also give “a little something” to staff, including the security and ground maintenance staff. The budget would be $675 for 66 staff members. Attendees briefly discussed the new lunch service. It is possible for a parent or parents to show appreciation of a particular a staff person by selecting this person from the lunch order menu and ordering lunch for this person.

  • Upper School Rep (Elizabeth Goodwin)

Elizabeth introduced her role and solicited other parents to join her as an easy way to get involved. She said that 9th grade kick off was planned for the beginning of the year, but in the past such parties were not well attended. So the best is to save money for end of the year gathering. Elizabeth encouraged other parents to join her in planning.

  • Middle School Rep (Paula Allen)

Paula also emphasized that being a class rep was an easy and fun way to get involved in FA and kids. Both 5th and 6th have budgets for beginning of the year. There were over 100 parents and siblings attended last year’s 6th grades party. This year Ms. Nicole Newton held an unofficial event before school started and over 80 people attended. Eighth grade will also plan a similar event. Ms. Patton and Dr. Sherrill confirmed that there were over 14 new students in 6th grade this year. Paula said that there was nothing like family events that create community. She plans to gather MS reps in the following two weeks to discuss event planning.

A few parents shared their ideas. Kimberlyn Drewis a member of the Audubon Society and told attending parents about the Hummingbird Garden rotation on Friday. She also shared that the Audubon Society held classes in town as well. Anne Jie shared her daughters’ love for the farmyard. Paula shared that Mr. Clashman planned to have a butterfly garden near the farm.

  • Fine Arts (Co-Chairs: Leslie Heroes, Marie Maloney & Darlene Burrow)

Marie introduced the Fine Arts Committee and stated the goal of supporting the arts and drama departments. She shared that the US events planned for September 25th and 26th and fun activities, such as bake sales and locker décor. Marie encouraged those parents with kids who love arts to participate.

  • Shop & Give (Position Open)

Valerie Deitch (FA Treasurer) introduced the committee in the absence of a chair. The committee is to find ways to raise funds for FA through such programs, as Amazon Smiles (0.5% contribution), box tops, Basha grocery cards. For the last one, parents pay $5 for a preloaded $5 card and, if loading the card before any purchase, then part of the loaded balance would go to FA. Paula Allen shared that her Basha card gives $30 to FA for every $500 load. Attending parents discussed other sources of corporate contribution, including Mr. Car Wash (Becky Knope suggested possible 50%) and Mighty Nat (15%). Valerie wrapped up by soliciting for a chair person.

  • Winter Formal (Chair: Lisa Wiedebush)

Lisa said that Winter Formal was the only dance sponsored by FA and that she needed a 10th parent to co-chair. Lisa shared that this school year’s dance was planned for January 20, 2018 and that the venue has been donated by the Nolen Family, which would be the enclosed area in the Williams Center. Since the venue is donated, the ticket price could be lower. The DJ would likely be Satire.

  • Membership Committee (Chair: Ginger Hunt)

Ginger said that the committee was new this year. The goal would be to support all other committees, drumming up support and communicating activities. The committee will meet the first Tuesday of the month for breakfast (7:30 to 8:15) and discuss goals.

  • School Lunches

At the request of Ms. Amie Bergersen, Darcy Nagle-O’Brien asked parents to sign up as helpers on Signup Genius or contact Ms. Bergersen directly. More helps are needed for lunches. Darcy said that it would be a fun way to be on campus and get to know the kids. In addition, 10 cents per meal would go to FA.


Guest Speaker – Dr. Julie Sherrill

Dr. Sherrill introduced herself and two members of the Board of Trustees in attendance, Monika Gloesslein and Andrea Mainman. Dr. Sherrill said that since TGS is a nonprofit organization, the governing Board of Trustees has the responsibility of overseeing the school budget and strategic direction. Last year, under the direction of the Board, the school set the goal of increasing enrollment, instead of conducting fundraising activities, such as SIP. This school year 93 new families joined and enrollment is at 308, about 30 plus above last year’s figure. Dr. Sherrill said that the FA is an extension of the staff. Monika Gloesslein was a parent and Andrea Mainman was a past FA president. Dr. Sherrill encouraged other parents to participate in FA and welcome feedback. Dr. Sherrill emphasized that Ms. Patton, Ms. Babbitt and herself work together as a team and encourage parents to reach out if any concerns or questions arise. Despite of the increased enrollment, Dr. Sherrill emphasized that the school is committed to maintaining a low teacher-student ratio and promoting customized learning experience for all students. Dr. Sherrill briefly mentioned that MS and US Curriculum Nights and encouraged feedback from parents. Dr. Sherrill also urged parents to take advantage of the tax credit program. She also said that the school would continue monitoring the lunch program and welcome parents to work with the school administration to explore lunch options.


Board of Trustee Report

Monika Gloesslein introduced herself and briefly stated the Board of Trustee’s roles. She said that the Board would have a retreat on September 9th and report back on the next meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:59 a.m.


TGS Family Association Executive Officers:

Marie Maloney, Co-President,

Darcy Nagel-O’Brien, Co-President,

Rose Schneider, Vice President,

Lisa Wiedebush, Nominating Chair,

Valerie Deitch, Treasurer,

Anne Jie, Secretary,


Upcoming 2017-18 FA Meetings:

Thurs., Oct. 12 @  9-10 a.m. in El Mirador Board Room

Thurs., Dec. 7 @ 9-10 a.m. in El Mirador Board Room

Thurs., Jan. 18 @ 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.; location TBD

Thurs., Mar. 8 @ 9 – 10 a.m. in El Mirador Board Room

Thurs. May 3 @ 9 – 10 a.m. in El Mirador Board Room

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