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November 14, 2016

September 15, 2016 General Membership Meeting Minutes

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Family Association of The Gregory School

General Membership Meeting September 15, 2016

In attendance:   Paula Allen, Sarah Artzi, Mary Babbitt, Elizabeth Contreras,  Valerie Deitch, Randi Dorman, Bether Gerber,  Monika Gloesslein, , Gabrielle Gonzalez, Julie Grounds,  Christina Maher,  Andrea Mainman, Cindy McDaniel, Darcy Nagle-O’Brien, Lori Patton, Jonathan Pucciarelli, Ilene Quander, Cathryn Ramus, Crystal Royce, Rose Schneider,  Julie Sherrill, Laura Swenson, Sarajane Trier, Nicole Westmoreland,   Patti Wisnom

Welcome and Introductions

The meeting was called to order at 8:50 a.m. by FA Co-President Christina Maher.  She was thrilled to see so many parents at the meeting.  She welcomed all, introduced herself, and began introductions around the room.   Minutes from the August 2016 meeting were available for those in attendance to review.  A motion was made and passed to approve the minutes from the August meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer, Valerie Deitch, gave the treasurer’s report.   New income included new dues payments of $145 and Shop and Give income of $160.05.  Expenses included Registration Days expenses of $294.08 and miscellaneous expenses of $7.43.

Committee Reports

Homecoming-Chair Gabrielle Gonzales reported that Homecoming is Friday, Sept. 23 from 4 to 8:30 pm. Middle school flag football, upper school volleyball and upper school soccer are all part of the fun, along with games, inflatables, food and more! Homecoming is for all middle school and upper school families, relatives, friends and neighbors! Admission is free, and concessions and games are for sale. Homecoming is a fundraiser for our upper school and middle school student councils and clubs.  Anyone who would like to help decorate, please join the committee on campus on Sunday, September 18th at 4 p.m.

Staff Appreciation– Chair Andrea Mainman reported that November 22nd is the date of the Farmer’s Market.  She has donation letters available for if anyone would like to make or solicit larger donations.  A whole school sign-up will go out for the market.  Christine Harland agreed to make another beautiful Fall floral arrangement for it.

Middle School Parent Reps– Co-chairs Elisabeth Contreras and Darcy Nagle O’Brien reported that their parent meeting was a great success with every middle school grade having at least one representative.  Paula Allen commented that the meeting with inspiring and that the informative agenda with information for reps was very helpful.

Upper School Parent Reps- It was reported that Chair Elizabeth Goodwin was still looking for more 12th grade reps.  Other lists are being finalized.  She has sent an e-mail to reps to ask all parents at the grade level if they are interested.

Hawk’s Pride- Co-Chair Cindy McDaniel reported that the committee was working with the Homecoming committee to get ready for Homecoming.  She and Co-chair Angie Goorman have been working closely with some staff members to create “Hawk Pride” items.   Some items include “trading cards” with player’s name and number that could be used as “luggage tags” on their athletic gear bag.  They are also creating cards for games that have each player, number and position.  Therefore, attendees will know who they are cheering for.  There was two school spirit Exploration Friday this upcoming Friday.  Student will be able to make posters, bust through, etc.  19 Upper School students and 15 middle school students signed up.  They hope to have more of these in the future.

Fine Arts-Co-chairs Marie Maloney and Leslie Heros are planning to meet with Mrs. Bodden next week.

Welcome Committee-It was reported that Chair Ginger Hunt is looking for members to this committee.  It is a great way for working parents to participate.

Winter Formal- Chair Sara Artzi is currently looking at venues.

Shop and Give-Chair Christine Harland is working on updating copy and updating links on the website for Shop and Give.  She is creating a new web page and flyer.  Shop and give is a way to donate a percent of sales towards the Family Association for purchases you normally make.  Amazon, Mighty Nest and Basha’s/AJ’s participate in this.  Mighty Nest donates 15% back to the school.  For Basha’s/AJ’s, you can purchase a re-load card for $5.  The card actually has $5 credit on it.  Basha’s donates 6% to the Family Association.

Board Report

Board of Trustees member, Andrea Mainman, reported that the BOT went on a retreat last month.  They are developing a strategic plan and will be attending a lot of school events to get to know faculty and families.  They are always available for questions and feedback.

Head of School Update

Dr. Sherrill reported that they are looking for families to host gatherings across various areas of Tucson.  The purpose is to continue developing connections between parents and administration and it is a new way to introduce prospective parents to the school community.  Both the Larsen family and Cindy McDaniel families have offered to host these evenings.   If anyone else can host, please contact Sarajane Trier.  Dr. Sherrill expressed her condolences for Lori Patton who lost her father yesterday.  Mr. Kraus has challenged his math classes to develop a formula for the school to grow to 350 students by 2020.  Dr. Sherrill introduced Angela Vande Mheen as a guest speaker.

Guest Speaker, Angela Vande Mheen

Over 50% of students are involved in sports.   Athletics is celebrating big wins for Cross County and is also working towards expanding its fan base.  Ideas include middle school nights and treats for teams.


-FA meeting dates are as follows:  11/17/16, 1/12/17 and 4/13/17.  The FA Exec Committee is going to have the January meeting in the evening.  All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:55 a.m.


In El Mirador Boardroom

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