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September 15, 2016

August 25, 2016 General Membership Meeting Minutes

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Family Association of The Gregory School

General Membership Meeting August 25, 2016

In attendance: Paula Allen, Sarah Artzi, Cathy Chavez, Elizabeth Contreras, Julia Conroy, Valerie Deitch, Sandra Garcia, Monika Gloesslein, , Elizabeth Goodwin, Angie Goorman, Christine Harland, Rebecca Knupe, Christina Maher, Darcy O’Brien, Lori Patton, Anne Pollack, Jonathan Pucciarelli, Ilene Quander, Sri Ramakumar, Bether Rothbecker, Crystal Royce, Rose Schneider, Julie Sherrill, Suzette Smith, Laura Swenson, Sarajane Trier, Dana Weant, Nicole Westmoreland, Patti Wisnom


Welcome and Introductions

The meeting was called to order at 8:54 a.m. by FA Co-President Christina Maher. She was thrilled to see so many parents at the meeting. She welcomed all, introduced herself, and began introductions around the room.   Minutes from April 2016 meeting were available for those in attendance to review. A motion was made and passed to approve the minutes from the April meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer, Valerie Deitch, gave the treasurer’s report. New income included due payments of $12003.51 and Shop and Give income of $160.05. Expenses included the All School Pot Luck, the 5th grade introduction party of $276.80, the 6th grade introduction party of $300, and Registration Days expenses of $52.92. She explained that when members have FA expenses, reimbursement forms are available in the FA box in Zeskind Hall.

Committee Reports

Homecoming-Christina Maher read the following report on behalf of Chair Gabrielle Gonzales: Homecoming 2016 is less than a month away! Homecoming is Friday, Sept. 23 from 4 to 9 pm. Middle school flag football, upper school volleyball and upper school soccer are all part of the fun, along with games, inflatables, food and more! Homecoming is for all middle school and upper school families, relatives, friends and neighbors! Admission is free, and concessions and games are for sale. Homecoming is a fundraiser for our upper school and middle school student councils and clubs, so come join in on the fun! It’s a great way to celebrate our students and families. We would love to have you join the Homecoming committee. Our next two meetings are this Friday, Aug. 26 at 10:30 and Friday, Sept. 9 at noon, both in the board room. A sign-up sheet will be going out electronically, seeking volunteers to make decorations, decorate the campus, sell hamburgers, take tickets, clean up and more. Volunteering is a great way to meet other families. See you at Homecoming 2016! Also… Team Support: Each middle school and upper school sports team receives $100 from the Family Association to help fund end-of-season parties. We rely on team parents to help organize the parties – anything from Eegees and pizza on campus after the final practice to an off-campus party that can be partially supported by the FA. Please email Gabrielle: with any questions!

Staff Appreciation– Chair Andrea Mainman reported that due to budget constraints, this year the committee will only host 4 events and the Farmer’s Market. Staff members like food/lunches the best. At each lunch, there is a raffle drawn. There will be a meeting for the Farmer’s market in September. The dates for the lunches are as follows: 5th/12th-September 15, 6th/11th November 17th, 7th/10th January 17th, 8th/9th April 13th. November 22nd is the date of the Farmer’s Market.

Upper School Parent Reps- Paula Allen read the following report on behalf of Chair Elizabeth Goodwin: Being an US rep is a great way to stay in touch with TGS students and families and it is not a big time commitment. US reps help organize their grade’s parents in hosting monthly staff appreciation events. US reps also assist in reminding their grade’s parents and students about upcoming athletic, fine arts and other school events and encouraging everyone’s participation. We encourage 9th grade parent reps to organize a back to school event for families as this year kicks off those students’ high school experience. For the 10th and 11th grades, we encourage the reps to organize and end of year party. There are funds in the FA budget to put towards these gatherings. We are looking for US parent reps in all grades, but particularly in the 11th and 12th grades. There are sign-up sheets in today’s meeting and I encourage interested parents and guardians to sign up. If you have any questions please contact Elizabeth Goodwin at

Middle School Parent Reps- Co-chairs Elisabeth Contreras and Darcy Nagle O’Brien reported that the purpose of reps is to bring families together, help with Teacher Appreciation Events, and focus on planning a great end of year party. They will have a parent rep meeting either September 7th or 8th. It is fun to get to know other parents by becoming a rep.

Hawk’s Pride- Co-Chair Angie Goorman reported that she and Co-chair Cindy McDaniel have developed many objectives and are considering many ideas for this committee. Objectives include increasing awareness of the student athlete with the parent/student community, improve identification of players by parents or fans, increase excitement about belonging to a team, increase funds going to Athletics, and increase game time excitement. Ideas to meet these objectives include kid’s signs, locker decoration in conjunction with Homecoming, creating team parent reps, make the Hawk mascot more visible, ‘celebrating’ game days, selling more ‘swag’, and pep rallies.

Fine Arts-Paula Allen read the following report on behalf of co-chairs Marie Maloney and Leslie Heros: Leslie and I are planning to meet with Mrs. Bodden and the other teachers soon. Below are the dates for the fine arts committe events. The school calendar has been updated to reflect some date changes. We will contact the volunteers who signed up during registration and any others who may have signed up after we meet with the teachers. Leslie and I are new to being committee chairs so please be bear with us. – US Fall Art Festival – (art, band, choir, dance, drama, photography) – Fri. Oct. 7 – 6:30pm, US Fall Play & Art Show – Thurs. & Fri. Oct. 27 & 28 – 7:30pm (we will be working in conjunction with Senior Night for volleyball), (AZ Thespian Conference – Fri. & Sat. Nov. 18 & 19 All Day), MS Expo, Art Show and Performances – Fri. Dec. 9 – 6:30pm, MS Spring Play – Feb. 17 – 7:00pm, AS Musical & Art Show – Thurs. – Fri. March 23 – 24 – 7:00pm & March 25 – 3:00pm, US Spring Art Festival – (art, band, choir, dance, drama, photography) – Fri. April 28 – 6:30pm, Family Association Dinner & MS Expo, Art Show, and Performances – Thurs. May 11 – 5:30pm.

Welcome Committee– Chair Ginger Hunt developed this committee and is working with the Development Office.

Winter Formal-Sara Artzi is the new Chair of Winter Formal. She reported that she is looking forward to planning it, the venue is a big surprise until close to the event, and please keep the venue a secret, if you hear. The Winter Formal is for 9th-12th grade students.

Shop and Give-Christine Harland volunteered to chair this committee at the meeting. Thank you, Christine! Shop and give is a way to donate a percent of sales towards the Family Association for purchases you normally make. Amazon and Mighty Nest participate in this. Mighty Nest donates 15% back to the school.

Board Report

Board of Trustees President, Patti Wisnom, welcomed Monika Gloesslein as a new board member. She reported that the next SIP will be called the Taste. We will not have this event until the 2017-2018 school year, giving the Committee another year to plan it well.


-FA meeting dates are as follows: 9/15/16, 11/17/16, 1/12/17 and 4/13/17. The FA Exec Committee is going to have the January meeting in the evening. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

-Parents can still sign up to be committee members.

-Parent and accountant Crystal Royce will be hosting a talk on all the aspects of the Arizona State Tax credit, Annual Fund and Corporate Tax Credit on Wednesday, September 7th at 5:30 p.m..


The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 a.m. for Guest Speaker and Head of School Dr. Julie Sherrill.


In El Mirador Boardroom






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