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April 5, 2016

March 24, 2016 General Membership Meeting Minutes

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Family Association of The Gregory School

General Membership Meeting March 24, 2016

In attendance: Paula Allen, Mary Babbitt, Katie Belk-Arenas, Kimberlyn Drew, Monika Gloesslein, Gabrielle Gonzales, Christine Harland, David Hazan, Ginger Hunt, Christina Maher, Cindy McDaniel, Sharon Norman, Catherine Rosenberg, Julie Sherrill, Lori Sumberg, Laura Swenson, Sarajane Trier, Lisa Wiedebush, Patti Wisnom


Welcome and Introductions

The meeting was called to order at 8:54 a.m. by FA Co-President Christina Maher. She welcomed all, introduced herself, and began introductions around the room.   Minutes from the February 2016 meeting were available for those in attendance to review. A motion was made and passed to approve the minutes from the February meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Christina Maher gave the Treasurer’s report on behalf of Valerie Deitch. New income included $255 in donations for Staff Appreciation. Shop N’ Give brought in $480.07, including $310.42 from Target, $127.65 from Amazon, and $42 from Basha’s. New expenses included $28.39 for checks for the FA account, $1500 for the Headmaster Discretionary Fund, and $767.34 for January and February Staff Appreciation events.

Committee Reports

Staff Appreciation- 5th and 6th grade hosted a Valentine Indian lunch in February, largely due to the generosity of Saffron Indian Bistro and parent contributions. 7th grade hosted an International luncheon after the meeting and 11th grade will host in April.

Sip-Sarajane Trier reported that the SIP netted about $25,000. The evening was fun and she has received lots of positive feedback. Attendees loved the duet with Dr. Sherrill and Daniel Rosenberg. They also loved that the event was on campus.

Upper School Parent Reps- Laura Swenson reported on behalf of Elizabeth Goodwin who wanted to thank the parent representatives who made phone calls about the SIP. It was a huge help and made a difference in attendance. 9th grade reps have planned a coffee and bagel get together for Friday, March 25th. 9th and 10th grade reps will begin planning an end of year party. The Senior reps are working hard on planning post-Graduation activities. Please refer to Grad Night (below) for more information.

Middle School Parent Reps-5th grade Parent Rep, Ginger Hunt, reported that 5th grade is visiting the Materials Recovery Facility to learn about recycling today. They spent interim week with 6th grade learning about challenges with water. Several 5th graders won awards at SARSEF and special thanks to Amie Bergersen for working so hard on these projects with the students at school. 6th grade is hosting an end-of-year gathering at the Belk-Arenas family home on April 23 from 1-4. 7th grade will also host a class party in April at the home of Ann McColgin. 8th grade will have a Spring party at the Jaggi family home. 8th graders enjoyed their L.A. interim week trip. Reps thanked the school for the opportunity they provide for our students.

Winter Formal-Chair Christina Maher reported that although the Winter Formal was over budget, it was very successful.   It is difficult to budget when ticket sales cannot be predicted. It is the best one she has chaired. The students who were there, thoroughly enjoyed the evening. This was evident as they gave it great reviews on the front page of The Gregorian Chant. She hopes attendance will continue to grow from this reception. She wants to carefully choose the day next year, as girls’ volleyball also had a tournament. Having it on a Sunday had its advantages, as the outstanding DJ even spent time up lighting the outside of MOCA. Students also enjoyed the snowball fight.

Fine Arts-The Spring Musical, Jesus Christ, Superstar, will have three performances starting on Friday, April 15th and ending with a matinee on Sunday, April 17th. There will be food trucks on the Friday and Saturday night and musical entertainment too. There will be cast and crew dinners during rehearsal the week before. There will be a Spring Music Concert and One Act play on April 27th and the Family Association BBQ and Middle School Production on May 12th. Many FA members acknowledged the fabulous and creative job Cathy Rosenberg and her committee has done celebrating and increasing attendance at Fine Art events this year.

Homecoming/Athletics-Homecoming 2016 will be Friday, September 23rd from 4-9 p.m. It is a fun event for all students and families and a wonderful volunteer opportunity for parents. There will be meetings beforehand for those who would like to help. The committee will continue the Middle School hide-a-Hawk tradition, but are looking for other ideas and would love some input. Some suggestions included a poster contest and/or making posters during a Friday rotation. Gabrielle reminded parents that the FA has money for team parties. Please contact the team coach if you are able to help plan for Spring team parties. It is a great help to coaches. The Hawk’s Pride committee is re-tooling for next year to increase game attendance. Next Fall, there will be a traditional Sport’s Night right after registration. This will give students and parents information about all the sports available and the general expectations, season dates, etc. The purpose is to increase communication about sports at TGS and increase participation. Game schedules for the various sports cannot be distributed then, as this requires co-ordination with many other schools and they have not been created.

Grad Night- Grad Night will be on May 20th. Planning a safe and fun evening for graduates has been a six year tradition at The Gregory School. This year, there will be a post-ceremony catered dinner at $12 per person, so that graduates may spend some time with guests before heading off to Grad Night. There will be a photo opportunity in front of The Gregory School banner and graduates will seal their time capsule. Senior parents are looking for volunteers for both the dinner and Grad Night. Senior parents themselves do not chaperone grad Night, so that students may enjoy the evening without their own parents present.  Parents of younger students and alumni often volunteer to help. Numerous shifts are available from 6:30 p.m. to 6 a.m. If you can help in any way, please contact Sharon Norman at 241-6648.

Board Report

Board of Trustees member, Patti Wisnom, reported that the Board of Trustees thanks parents who contributed to the SIP in any way. They very much appreciate anyone who planned, sponsored, donated, attended, purchased items, or helped. There is still time to donate to the Annual Fund which ends June 1st and use tax credits for The Gregory School tuition assistance program. The Board is continuing strategic planning.

Head of School Report

Dr. Sherrill reported that Interim Week was a great success. A video and blog will be released, sharing the experience with The Gregory School community. She thanked parents for the opportunity to teach our children and share these unique experiences with them during interim week. She announced that right now we have a lot of student successes to celebrate at The Gregory School, including the successes of the Mock Trial team, the Science Olympiad team, the Robotics team, the Physics team headed to Israel, award-winning students at SARSEF and Poetry Out Loud, and the Arizona State Middle School Chess Champion. She is continuing to meet with every student for lunchtime dessert to discuss their thoughts, experiences and ideas for The Gregory School. On April 15th from 4-5:30 p.m., The Gregory School is hosting a panel, The College Process:  Mythbusters, featuring admission office representatives from a number of colleges in a Q and A session.  There will be a number of food trucks to be on campus from 5 -7 that evening in anticipation of the 7 p.m. performance of Jesus Christ Superstar, so families can participate in both events. On April 16th, the Rocky Mountain Association of College Admission Counselors will be hosting a college fair with over 75 colleges at The Gregory School at 1 p.m. This event is open to the public. The Gregory School would like to become the college information center of Tucson.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:52 a.m. for guest speaker, David Hazan, who created Down for the Count, a mobile app that rewards distraction-free driving.


In El Mirador Boardroom


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