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July 17, 2014

May 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes

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Family Association Meeting Minutes May 7, 2014


In attendance: Mary Babbitt, Nancy Bargamian, Jennifer Cassius, Cathy Chavez, Suzan Costich, Valerie Deitch, Vicki Keifer, Monika Glosslein, Gabrielle Gonzales, Elizabeth Goodwin, Vicki Hazen, Monique Kornell, Margaret Larsen, Andrea Mainman, Sharon Norman, Lucinda Peralta, Jennifer Port, Becky Rebenstorf, Julie Sherrill, Laura Swenson, Naomi Weiner, Greg Williams.



President Andrea Mainman called the meeting to order at 2:35 PM and facilitated brief introductions around the room. The minutes from the April 9, 2014 FA general membership meeting were submitted and approved. The slate of Family Association officers for the 2014-2015 school year was presented and approved.

Officers for next year will be: Andrea Mainman, President Suzan Costich, Vice President Jennifer Cassius, Secretary Valerie Deitch, Treasurer Laura Swenson, Nominating Chair Andrea thanked outgoing treasurer, Naomi Weiner, for her years of service and dedication to the Family Association.



Treasurer Naomi Weiner went over the current budget, explaining that our expenses this past month have increased as expected. Parent rep end-of-year activities, as well as athletic season wrap-up parties and staff appreciation events are all in the process of wrapping up expenditures for this school year. With regard to the proposed 2014-2015 budget, a small amount was allocated for separate upper and middle school potlucks ($100 each) as well as homecoming expenses ($500). Line items were added for class representative expenditures in addition to an introductory party for the newly created 5th grade. It was decided that an employee will be hired to staff the Hawk’s Nest next year with parent volunteer support. Starting in the fall, the Nest will be open and selling snacks every day after school, as well as during sporting events. $1000 seed money was allocated for this. Income from “Shop and Give” is projected to be $2000 next year. This will include all reward programs benefitting the school. Money from this pot will be designated for grants to fund service projects, submitted via grant proposals written by students. The 2014-2015 FA budget was approved as submitted.



STAFF APPRECIATION – Andrea reported that the FA made a contribution for the Suzan Heintz retirement gift fund, in appreciation of her many years of dedication to the school.

FINE ARTS – Cathy Chavez reminded parents that the middle school production of The Wizard of Oz will be performed in the St Gregory theater on May 16th. A pre-show reception will take place at 6:00 PM, catered by Kavo and Tunzi, with the middle school band performing at 6:20 PM, outside the theater. An art show will take place in the theater lobby. The play will begin at 7:00 PM. A Doodle Poll will follow, for volunteer participation.

PARENT REPS – Elizabeth Goodwin informed everyone that the 6th grade families had a very successful gathering at Saffron restaurant, from 3-5 on a recent Sunday, with 55 adults plus kids in attendance. The 7th grade parent reps are planning a party for students on campus on the last day of school and the 8th grade parent reps have a pool party scheduled on May 23rd, after graduation.

GRAD NIGHT– Gabrielle Gonzales explained that everything is in place for the Grad Night festivities, with surprises still intact and plenty of chaperones to staff it.



Development Director, Becky Rebenstorf, spoke about the current status of the annual fund. A family is graciously donating matching funds through May 15th. The goal is to raise $17,000 in additional donations, not including the match. Becky also mentioned that a going-away reception is planned for longtime faculty member, Susan Heintz, from 5:00 to 7:00 PM on May 15th. Becky also thanked the FA volunteers and expressed her appreciation for the wonderful parent support and energy.



St Gregory Board President, Margaret Larsen, thanked volunteers for their hard work in creating a strong parent community at the school. She then deferred to Dr. Sherrill to discuss school updates.



Dr. Sherrill thanked FA volunteers for “lighting the way” and expressed what an honor and a pleasure it has been to work and interact with St Gregory students during her first year. Looking ahead to next fall, she explained that students were sent home with “schedule planning worksheets,” which are due back to school on Friday, May 16th. Advisors are going through various options with students now. Current teachers are a part of the process, giving feedback for placement. New scheduling software will be in place, designed to catch prerequisite needs, conflicts, etc. A scheduling committee, comprised of 8 to 10 faculty members, is working to structure a more flexible day for students. Kids who have afternoon conflicts will have the ability to start their classes earlier in the day. Extending the school day will also minimize the limitations of fewer time-slots. Tutorial will likely be positioned mid-day, to encourage more students to take advantage of this resource. As a result of teacher feedback, “late start” days will occur less frequently, for a bigger block of time, to enable teachers to delve more deeply into issues being discussed. Block scheduling will be retained for the most part, with math likely becoming a daily class, as research has demonstrated to be beneficial. Financial aid info was distributed recently, later than anticipated. Dr. Sherrill and Mary Babbitt apologized for this, explaining that they used a more thorough and thoughtful approach this year, in an effort to make this work for all families, while staying within budget. Because of this, the initial payment due date was moved from May 15th to June 1st.



Andrea reminded parents to vote for St Gregory designs for Van’s Custom Culture contest. First prize is $50,000, with runner-up prizes also at significant amounts. Voting can be done by iPhone, ipad or computer. Please share on FaceBook so that we can maximize our votes! The meeting was adjourned at 3:20 PM, after Andrea expressed additional volunteer appreciation.

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