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January 24, 2014

January 2014 General Membership Meeting Minutes

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Family Association Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2014


In attendance:  Sarah Artzi, Paula Babis, Janine Bennette, Lisa Bodden, Jennifer Cassius, Cathy Chavez, Suzan Costich, Valerie Deitch, Gabrielle Gonzales, Melissa and Tim Jahren, Toni Kalish, Jas Katariya, Vicky Keifer, Margaret Larsen, Eric Lutz, Andrea Mainman, Sharon Norman, Anne Pollack, Jennifer Port, Becky Rebenstorf, Julie Sherrill, Laura Swenson, Burcak Tolan, Naomi Weiner, Diana Williams, Melinda Williams.



President Andrea Mainman called the meeting to order at 2:35 PM and facilitated introductions around the room.  The minutes from the November 6, 2013 FA general membership meeting were submitted and approved.  She briefly thanked the 8th grade parent reps who spearheaded the refreshments provided for the middle school exhibition night, Sarah Artzi and Alicia Saposnik, as well as Tina Roesler for the Staff Appreciation Committee-sponsored holiday dinner.  



Dr. Sherrill explained that close to thirty task forces are operating concurrently on the self-study process, which will assist with our re-accreditation.  Their work will wrap up in February, coinciding with the strategic planning process.  She welcomed parents to participate with that process.  

In terms of development, $150,000 was recently donated to the school from a charitable trust.  These funds will be utilized for a variety of things, including scholarships, renovations and seed funding for leadership programming for both students (middle and high school) and staff.

A new administrative assistant has been hired.  Lynne Margolovsky is joining us in a support capacity and will be a steady presence – and friendly face – in the middle school office.  

 Dr. Sherrill shared some more good news.  We have acquired five new students for the spring semester: three middle schoolers and two high schoolers.  These kids come to us from Basis, District 16 and University High School.  Additionally, some of our seniors are already beginning to receive acceptance letters.  These include Willams College, University of Pennsylvania, Macalester and the University of Arizona Honors College.  


TREASURER’S REPORT – Treasurer Naomi Weiner reported that, since last month, our finances were largely unchanged.  She encouraged parent reps to plan class activities to utilize the budgets set aside for this purpose.



  1. STAFF APPRECIATION – President Andrea Mainman spoke on behalf of Tina Roseler, explaining that monthly events for staff were continuing, sponsored by the various grades.  
  1. FINE ARTS – Cathy Chavez spoke about previous and upcoming Fine Arts activities.  In November,  bake sales at Fine Arts events raised $220.  The Winter Fine Arts Festival will be on Thursday, January 16th from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.  Student artwork will be for sale as well as projects to participate in, followed by a performance.  There is no charge to attend but a $5 donation to the Community Food Bank is suggested.  Help is needed with baking and clean-up in the dining hall.  March 14th and 15th will mark the upper school spring musical, Fiddler on the Roof, and art show.  Costume assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  1. PARENT REPS – Andrea reported that the parent reps are working with various school entities to communicate with St Greg families, as well as taking on grade-level staff appreciation events.  
  1. GRAD NIGHT- Gabrielle Gonzales explained that there is a great event planned for the graduates.  Students raised $1500 parking cars recently and will do so again at the 4th Ave street fair.  
  1. SHOP AND GIVE – Gabrielle also mentioned that Bashas/AJ’s cards will soon available for $5.  These “loaded” by a credit or debit card and the $5 will be refunded at that time.  St Gregory receives a percentage back for each purchase.
  1. ATHLETIC COMMITTEE – Gabrielle reminded us that money is available for end-of-season parties for each team.  The budget allows for $100 for teams with under 15 members and $125 for 15 or more.  These parties can be planned under the middle school ramada, at a private home, with Eegee’s subs, pizza, etc.  Please remember to submit receipts with the proper paperwork to the office.
  1. WINTER FORMAL – Andrea spoke about the upper school dance on January 19th in the Catalina Room at Ventana Canyon Resort with a beautiful dessert buffet and hot chocolate station.  Please purchase tickets by January 14th, if possible, to give them an accurate count.  A $40 check or cash should be delivered to the office to reserve those.  



New Development Director, Becky Rebenstorf, reported that the tax credit contributions are going fairly well.  She’ll be focusing on the Annual Fund next, and emphasized how important it is for parents to support this, as it provides funding for all of the “extras” we want and need for the school.  There will be a big push for that over the next few months.  She encouraged parents to pick up a Sparkle Cleaners St Gregory loyalty card , which will give 5% back to the school.  

Dr. Sherrill added that the Open House on January 26th will be different from previous ones and is looking for feedback from parents.  What did they want to know about the school when they first attended an Open House?  She also talked about the importance of word-of-mouth and shared some stories.  



Board President Margaret Larsen explained that board updates were added to the weekly E-view to increase transparency, keeping parents in the loop.  A variety of committees are currently moving forward, including development, budget, governance, strategic planning and branding.  



In addition to events already mentioned, Andrea reminded us of the 9th grade potluck on January 11th, the Poetry Out Loud competition on January 29th and that there will not be classes on January 20th due to MLK Day.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:10 PM for Lisa Bodden of the Fine Arts Department to speak.




January 6, 2014

November 2013 General Membership Meeting Minutes

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In attendance:  Jennifer Cassius, Cathy Chavez, Suzan Costich, Valerie Deitch, Monika Gloesslein, Elizabeth Goodwin, Jas Katariya, Margaret Larsen, Andrea Mainman, Sandra Maltry, Linda Naifeh, Becky Rebenstorf, Julie Sherrill, Laura Swenson, Naomi Weiner.



President Andrea Mainman called the meeting to order at 2:37 PM and facilitated introductions around the room.  The minutes from the October 9, 2013 FA general membership meeting were submitted and approved.



Dr. Sherrill introducted our new development director, Becky Rebenstorf.  Becky comes to St Greg with a wonderful resume (Angel Charities, UMC Foundation, Amerind Museum and Research Center) and we are thrilled to have her join us.

We were brought us up to speed regarding Dr. Sherrill’s classroom obeservations, which has resulted in productive conversations with teachers.  Senior projects and internships were discussed.  Dr. Sherrill shared with us the compromise that was reached and how it evolved.  Dr. Berry will be the teacher of record for these internships.  Goals for these programs have been set for future years.

All involved in the Sip were thanked and Dr. Sherrill expressed her delight with this wonderful event.

Regarding admissions, sixteen families toured and shadowed in October.  A number of those are already in the process of enrolling at St Gregory for the current school year.

Dr. Sherrill has participated in informational events at “feeder” schools and is working to strengthen relationships with community partners.  Slow Foods AZ is interested in hosting an event with us.  A partnership with Edible Baja AZ is also underway.


TREASURER’S REPORT – Treasurer Naomi Weiner reported that we came out of homecoming with a profit of $219.  (This isn’t intended to be a fundraiser, only to come out of it whole.)  She also reminded us that teams are each allocated up to $100 for an end-of-season party.



  1. STAFF APPRECIATION – President Andrea Mainman spoke on behalf of Tina Roessler.  The 8th grade families sponsored a wonderful breakfast for faculty and staff on Wednesday, October 30th.  Our Bookmans drive raised over $780 in credit.  This month, each staff memeber will receive a $15 gift certificate. She reminded us that there will be a staff farmer’s market on November 21st.  Donations from the grocery industry would be greatly appreciated, prefereably contributions of fifty-five pieces of any one item.  Those can be dropped off with Kim in the office.
  1. FINE ARTS – Cathy Chavez reminded everyone about the upper school fall play, The 39 Steps, which will be presented on Friday and Saturday nights, November 15th and 16th.  Pareants interested in helping with the bake sale should sign up on the Doodle Poll.
  1. PARENT REPS – Elizabeth gave a middle school rep update.  The 7th grade raised almost $300 at a tailgate party on October 24th.  Proceeds from that will go toward next year’s 8th grade trip.  A Doodle Poll will be going out shortly for parents to sign up for bake sale items for the middle school performance/exhibit on December 5th.
  1. GRAD NIGHT- Andrea spoke on behalf of Gabrielle Gonzales.  Plans are underway now.  She reminded parents that on Wednesday, November 13th, there will be a Grad Night fundraiser at Sweet Tomatoes, 6202 E. Broadway from 5 to 8 PM.  Sweet Tomatoes will donate 20% of sales generated by our attendees, with meal and beverage purchases.
  1. SHOP AND GIVE – Andrea spoke on behalf of Marvis Sylvers.  We are working with Bashas to set up refillable debit cards.  A portion of the sales will go back to the school.  This should be available in the next few weeks.
  1. THE SIP – Vice President Suzan Costich spoke on behalf of Sharon Norman, letting us know that we had over 160 in attendance and about $30,000 in profit was generated.  In addtion to auction items, we also had numerous “wish vine” sales, which were items for classroom/school use.  There was great feedback about community spirit of the evening.  Dr. Sherrill and Grant Ross spoke at the event and the new, wonderful marketing videos were shown.



Andrea reported that a strategic planning task force has been assembled for the purpose of looking at moving to a K-12 school.  The accreditation process is moving forward and committees have been formed to address individual areas within the school.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:06 PM for Andrei Henriksan to speak about navigating the St. Gregory website and the family portal.




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