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October 2, 2013

September 2013 General Membership Meeting Minutes

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St Gregory College Preparatory School

Family Association Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2013


In attendance: Jennifer Cassius, Suzan Costich, Teri Cotter,Valerie Deitch, Cynthia Feig, Nancy Goodman, Elizabeth Goodwin, Malika Johnson, Monique Kornell, Julieanne Lamri, Margaret Larsen, Christina Maher, Andrea Mainman, Sharon Norman, Melinda Rogers, Julie Sherrill, Laura Swenson, Melinda Williams, Naomi Weiner.



President Andrea Mainman called the meeting to order at 2:33 PM.  She facilitated introductions around the room.  The minutes from the August 8, 2013 FA general membership meeting were submitted, seconded by Nancy Goodman and approved.



Dr. Sherrill reported positive feedback from new students, with comments that included the accessibility of the teachers, smaller class sizes resulting in more attention, productive tutorial time and the unique opportunity to have lunch with their teachers.


She also let us know that student presentation boards were on display for viewing at a recent board of trustees meeting.  We will see if this can be done for a future FA meeting as well.


We then viewed the video project put together recently by alum Derek Jobst which will provide a visual representation for marketing purposes as well as for use at events such as the Sip.



Treasurer Naomi Weiner gave the budget update.  Our dues balance isn’t as high as expected for several reasons, including the fact that we are still waiting on the membership fee ($75 per family) from some. We are also showing lower balances for homecoming and booster club, due to the need for monetary advances.  Those balances should increase over time and we do have an $11,000 inherited balance from last year to help cover these costs temporarily.



  1. Homecoming – Andrea reminded parents to sign up to volunteer on the online Doodle Poll.  She listed a sampling of the activities planned, which included jumping castles, food, volleyball, football and soccer.  We are targeting younger families (from Castlehill and Basis, primarily) as well.  Most sports will be on the middle school field with the exception of volleyball, which is scheduled to be in the gym.
  2. The Sip – Sharon Norman encouraged parents to attend the Sip, from 6 to 10 PM on Saturday, October 26th.  Tickets are available for purchase online $100 per person for open seating or $900 for a reserved table for eight.  Buying tickets for faculty/staff is tremendously appreciated.  Auction items are due on Friday, September 27th, or at least a description/photo(s).  Sponsorships are: $500 for bronze, $1000 for silver, $3000 for gold and $5000 for platinum. It was recommended that grades donate something collectively.  (In general, baskets have not been especially profitable in the past.) The silent auction will open up two weeks prior to the event. Please encourage family and friends to bid as well.
  3. Middle School Parent Reps – Elizabeth Goodwin brought us up to speed on the MS rep meeting.  Tina Roessler spoke with the reps to brainstorm staff appreciation events.  September 27th will be a breakfast sponsored by the 6th grade.  The 8th grade will cover a breakfast in October and the 7th grade is working on an event at the Loft in February.  Each grade has $300 for class reps to allocate for grade-level activities (parents, kids or families) throughout the year.  The MS reps decided to let the kids celebrate their birthdays during advisory time.  To ensure that next year’s 8th grade trip is affordable for all families, the 7th grade reps are planning several fundraisers, including a booth at homecoming and a tailgate party later in the fall.
  4. Upper School Parent Reps – Nancy Goodman informed us that individual gatherings are being executed, by grade.  She recommends that the reps advertise these well in advance, to maximize the turnout. The 12th grade gathering has already occurred, and 10th and 11th are in the works. At the very beginning of the year, 9th grade reps hosted a very well-attended party to welcome back returning kids as well as to welcome and introduce new freshmen to the class.  A second 9th grade gathering is planned for January.



  1. Homecoming – Friday, September 20th from 4:00 to 9:00 PM
  2. The Sip – Saturday, October 26th from 6:00 to 10:00 PM


The formal FA general meeting was adjourned at 3:01 PM at which time special guest, Malika Johnson, Director of College Counseling, was to speak about the college counseling program at St Gregory.





Minutes approved by majority vote on ___________________________________________________________________


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Jennifer Cassius                                                                                                 Andrea Mainman

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