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February 27, 2013

February 5, 2013 General Meeting Minutes

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In attendance: Paula Babis, Carol Baranowski, Rick Belding, Margo Caylor, Cathy Chavez, Suzan Costich, Polly Dithmer, Monique Geller, Monika Gloesslein, Gabrielle Gonzales, Stan Kissinger, Andrea Mainman, Linda Naifeh, Sharon Norman, Tina Roesler, Kathy Ross, Shelly Silverman, Christine Thornton, Rachel Villarreal, Naomi Weiner, Greg Williams.

President Kathy Ross called the meeting to order @ 8:00 a.m.

Mrs. Ross initiated the meeting with brief introductions and a word of thanks for all of those in attendance.

The meeting minutes from the January 8, 2013 FA general membership meeting were approved.

Board of Trustees: Shelly Silverman sadly informed the group that one of our school founders, Bazy Tankersley, had just passed away. Mrs. Silverman added that she and Dr. Sherrill had visited with Mrs. Tankersley just three weeks ago. Mrs. Tankerley was a champion for our school, believing and caring for St. Gregory up until her death. Her daughter, Tiffany Tankerley was a St. Gregory board of trustee and had unfortunately also passed away this past Fall. Both will be greatly missed.

Shelley summarized recent efforts on “Branding” that were underway at St. Gregory. Blaumberg and Associates were hired and have already surveyed a wide variety of folks, to include staff, board, parents alumni, students, prior students, non-attending applicants and even families that have not applied. She applauded the great participation by parents and mentioned that results should be summarized by Spring. On reply to a question by parent Greg Williams, she responded that the expected outcome was to develop a thoughtful message of who we are and what we are about to the community. The goal is to be precise with a positive message. Kathy Ross added that the measurable would be retention and attraction. Mrs. Silverman concluded by saying how excited she was about the future of the School and remarking that Dr. Sherrill is working with us and attending events where possible, around her existing commitments.

Treasurer’s Report: An updated budget was circulated. Naomi Weiner explained that the budget shows “fronted” dollars for Winter Formal along with actual revenue and expense. The Fine Arts line shows revenue attributed to bake sales and the Winter Fine Arts Festival. She thanked everyone for adhering to the budget. Mrs. Ross reminded class reps to utilize funds allocated to them for the purpose of holding gatherings for either the students or parents to get to know each other.

Committee Reports:

Boosters: Kathy Ross reported for Laurie Kassman, who plans to attend the next meeting. Senior Night was extremely successful, with the gym stands full of students wearing great t-shirts created by Coach Acuna. The Hawks Nest grossed over $1100 from a combination of food and gate fees. The atmosphere was truly electric.

Staff Appreciation: Reporting for Julie Sligh, Kathy Ross commended the committee for holding another great event in January, where Chili was served to faculty and staff. Tina Roesler commented that the next event would be “wellness based”, perhaps with salad, granola or something healthy. Thinking of next year, Tina added that while some fresh changes are sure to bolster energy, any efforts made are always greatly appreciated by the teachers.

Winter Formal: Tina Roesler reviewed that the event was held at the Miniature Time Museum, which was very accommodating and a unique venue for students. She thanked parent volunteers for help with set up and decorating. Matt Friedman was the DJ and parents donated food as refreshments. As the students typically do not eat much, Tina felt that this was a good model to follow for future events.

Fine Arts: Cathy Chavez thanked everyone for helping with the successful Winter Fine Arts Festival. Attendees received two pieces of art work and baked goods in exchange for purchasing their tickets. They were treated to a skit and short musical performances. The musical Les Mis is approaching on March 15th/16th. Kathryn Kellner Brown is helping with costumes and volunteers are greatly appreciated for help with sewing. Those interested in contributing to bake sales and/or rehearsal dinners that week should look for a doodle poll which will follow. Andrea Mainman added that the St. Gregory Choir is performing at NAU this weekend.

Grad Night: Stan Kissinger reported that major components of planning are completed and the committee is now working on fine details. The committee will meet with parents of Seniors next month to review secretive plans. The committee is collecting and needs photographs of each student through the years. Fathers should be aware that a “Dance with Dads” is planned and a rehearsal will be held. Sharon is preparing a student “teaser” for Valentines. Stan also reminded all that the goal of Grad Night was to allow students to celebrate graduation in a safe environment, inclusive of all students. Please see Mr. Kissinger if you have any interest in chaperoning during that evening as volunteers, particularly parents of soon to be Seniors, are encouraged to participate.

Shop ‘N Give: Nancy Strong reminded folks of the terrific opportunity to raise funds at no extra cost by enrolling at various retail locations which give a percentage of sales back to the school. One example is, which provides a percentage based on type of product you purchase at locations such as Safeway. It is simple to enroll, just go to The Target “Red Card” can be linked to a bank account (debit card); you do not have to have a Target Credit Card. Shop ‘N Give funds typically total around $1700 annually. Each year, the funds are awarded to a student advisory for a worthwhile project they are pursuing. (All advisories submit their ideas and just one is selected). Par Nancy, this program currently has around 133 participants and more are welcome. It is an easy way to just go about your business and watch the funds grow for a good cause!

Development: Rachel Villarreal announced that there is still time to make a tax credit contribution to St. Grergory. Participants must simply donate prior to filing their taxes on April 15. Currently, we have reached approximately $430,000 of the $500,000 goal. This is extremely important to our school; it generates revenue which enables us to pay for the bulk of financial assistance we provide. Joint tax filers may take credit for up to $2006 in tax credit, while single tax filers may contribute up to $1003. The Development office will be brainstorming soon on fundraising ideas for the coming year.

Soon we will have the “St Gregory rack” at the Green Monkey, a high end consignment store located at River/Craycroft in the Whole Foods plaza. Parents and friends may bring high end women’s clothing to the Green Monkey and specify sale to benefit St. Gregory. This retailer has generously agreed to provide our school with 100% of the proceeds. Volunteers are welcome to help a couple of hours a week with hanging and tagging items.

Unfinished Business: Monique Geller and Nancy Strong were awarded raffle items.

Gabrielle Gonzales also made an announcement informing all of those interested that a Calvert Fitness “Boot Camp” was operating on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30 a.m. on the St. Gregory field. The cost is $79/month or $15/class. The boot camp start time will be moved to 6:30 a.m. when warmer weather arrives. All parents are welcome!

Kathy Ross informed those in attendance that the next FA meeting would be held on the evening of March 5th, at 7 p.m.

New Business: No new business was brought to the floor.

The formal FA meeting was adjourned at 8:44 a.m.

STG Admissions Director Christine Thornton and Carole Baranowski, STG Business Manager, presented an informative talk on the Enrollment process and Indexing of Tuition.

Ms. Thornton stated that the recent Open House was extremely successful with over 51 families and over 150 people in attendance. To date, St. Gregory has received over 100 inquiries and at least 45 applications. This means interest in our school is high; these numbers do not reflect potential candidates from nearby Castlehill School. As a note, some families are looking at St. Gregory because of dissatisfaction at other schools. Gabrielle Gonzales commented that the Open House was “fabulous”!

Ms. Baranowski continued the talk with describing the current “Indexing of Tuition” as a new name for a process already in place at St. Gregory. This approach enables applicants to discuss ability to pay versus need. Based on utilization of this process, we are currently stating that we have a range of tuition, from $2350 to $15, 575, to include books. The application process is the same, using an outside source to collect and summarize the input data, which includes revenue, taxation, assets, etc. All applications are kept extremely confidential. Once all applications are processed, a small St. Gregory committee finalizes assessments and notifies families of their indexed tuition. Interested families should refer to the information on the St. Gregory website. For the majority of families that have applied in the past, St. Gregory has been able to successfully keep the financial offer stable. Of course, the process is updated each year to reflect any potential changes in income, etc.

Ms. Baranowski said that the St. Gregory community should think of financial aid as a revenue generator for our school. Ms. Baranowski further stated that it also gives us the ability to reach out to students with talent that might not otherwise be able to look at St. Gregory.

Parent Greg Williams verbally gave accolades to the staff for preparing and presenting the structure as it is. He further added that he appreciated where “the heart” of the school is and said it helped he and others be able to speak to other prospective parents and mentioned he would appropriately refer them to the website.

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