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January 31, 2013

January 8, 2013 General Meeting Minutes

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In attendance: Vic Acuna, Carol Baranowski, Rick Belding, Margo Caylor, Cathy Chavez, Suzan Costich, Monika Gloesslein, Gabrielle Gonzales, Susan Heinz, Stan Kissinger, Kim Logan, Andrea Mainman, Sharon Norman, Kathy Ross, Rachel Villarreal, Naomi Weiner.

President Kathy Ross called the meeting to order @ 8:05 a.m.

Mrs. Ross introduced a special Guest, Kim Logan, who is interning with the Counseling department. Brief introductions followed for all of those in attendance.

The October 18, 2012 minutes from the FA Executive Board Meeting were approved.  Mrs. Ross summarized the purpose and results (campus beautification project) of that meeting prior to approval and stated that Mrs. Baranowski would be reporting later on progress. The meeting minutes from the December 4, 2012 FA general membership meeting were also approved.

Treasurer’s Report: An updated budget was circulated. Naomi Weiner informed those in attendance that the budget now reflects a net amount of $759 for Boosters and $300 for Fine Arts, attributed to Bake Sales. She thanked everyone for adhering to the budget. Mrs. Ross commented that it was now easy to see how the FA generated a surplus.

Committee Reports:

Staff Appreciation: Reporting for Julie Sligh, Kathy Ross thanked the small group of volunteers (including Monika, Sharon & herself) for meeting at Julie’s house to prepare a holiday gift bundle for each teacher. Each teacher received a $20 Fox Restaurants Gift Certificate along with a custom wrapped chocolate bar. The gifts were well received and the next Staff Appreciation event being planned is a “Chili Lunch” planned for January.  Look for details to follow on this.

Fine Arts: Cathy Chavez announced that the Winter Fine Arts festival will be held in January 17th, starting at 6 p.m. in the dining hall. Tickets for attendance are either $5 or 3 cans of food as a donation. Attendees will enjoy videos, art work, a slide show along performances from the Bands and Drama groups. The Fine Arts committee would be grateful for any help that day decorating (blue, silver & snowflakes theme) or that evening selling baked goods, hot chocolate, etc.  Please look for a doodle poll on this. “Les Mis” performers are aggressively rehearsing for the March 15/16 performances and the costume committee of parents is welcoming volunteers to help.

Parent Reps: In absence of official representation, Kathy Ross reminded 8th grade parents of an event at the home of Nancy Goodman this Friday evening. A 7th grade parent gathering is planned for January 23rd, 6 p.m. at the Skybox Restaurant. 6th grade parents have been meeting regularly at a variety of locations, sometimes for coffee or wine.

Kathy Ross advised the FA that the Winter Formal planning is well under way but volunteer help is needed with chaperoning, decorating and refreshments. If you are interested in helping, please contact either Tina Roesler or Laura Swenson. While the venue is secretive, those parents who are interested in knowing the location may contact Mrs. Ross.

Grad Night: Stan Kissinger shared that the committee is now working on fine details.

Athletics: Gabrielle Gonzales reminded all that $100 is budgeted for each team to have an end of season celebration.  Larger teams may request and be approved for up to $125.  She assured parents that they would be reimbursed these amounts for celebrations.

Development: Rachel Villarreal announced that $85,000 of the matching gift opportunity was raised. The tax credit goal of $500,000 had been partially met with over $300,000 in current funds donated. Over 800 phone calls were made during December to solicit parents, grandparents, prior donors and friends.  There is still tremendous opportunity for donations.  Please take the time to ask friends and family for their tax credit donations by April 15th.  The general public is now well aware of this opportunity and many schools/charities are competing for these dollars….why not have St. Gregory as the benefactor?

New parent Betsey Beckman has agreed to coordinate a “St Gregory rack” at the Green Monkey, a high end consignment store located at River/Craycroft in the Whole Foods plaza.  Parents and friends may bring high end women’s clothing to the Green Monkey and specify sale to benefit St. Gregory.  This retailer has generously agreed to provide our school with 100% of the proceeds. In addition to Ms. Beckman, we are looking for volunteers to help a couple of hours a week with hanging and tagging items.

Campus Beautification: Carol Baranowski stated that the Campus Beautification proposal first discussed was in depth, causing the 4 bidding contractors to become somewhat overwhelmed. After some bids came in too high, she guided bidding contractors to alternative ways of achieving the goals, in some cases using different materials. The regular school contractor has submitted a bid of $14,000 to work on trees and rock needs.  This is within the budgeted range.  Ms. Baranowski reported positive progress with the concrete pad poured at the middle school site, and outside painting completed at the middle school and main office, which also received new carpet.  Next steps include planting, to begin in Spring, when it is not so cold. The cafeteria is also a second tier of interest.  The “perch” was replaced with a ping pong table, well received by students. The school is working to create a recreation area in the existing student lounge.

Andrea Mainman asked if the previously discussed plan of allowing individual donations for chairs, etc., (example $250 a chair) was available.  Mrs. Baranowski stated that a complete list of needs (including nice rolling tables in the cafeteria) was being drafted, with a goal of completion by end of semester, after tax credit donations are collected. Finally, with a note of sadness, plans are being discussed for planting a tree in the memory of a loyal, longtime staff member, Don Goetz.

Mrs. Ross thanked Mrs. Baranowski for all of her efforts.

Campus Security: Susan Heinz advised parents that school security measures were under review, including lock down procedures. The recent lockdown in the Fall was actually a good drill in identifying necessary improvements.  From that experience, staff members have assembled and placed in each classroom emergency “buckets”, which include supplies and provisions for emergency bathroom use.  Procedures are being refined, to include attendance taking measures.  Most classrooms are already equipped with window blinds. Another emergency drill will be planned for the next month or so.

Unfinished Business:  The raffle winners were selected and awarded with great STG logo items.  Winners included Stan Kissinger, Gabrielle Gonzales, Kim Logan and Sharon Norman.

New Business:  No new business was brought to the floor.

The formal FA meeting was adjourned at 8:45 a.m.

STG Athletic Director Vic Acuna presented an informative update on STG athletics immediately after the meeting.

Coach Acuna began by describing the A1A as the governing body of interschool athletics in Arizona. The best way to represent St. Gregory within this organization is to become involved; he is involved and currently serves as President of the southern Arizona region. St. Gregory is officially a division IV school because of its size, with division IV high schools ranging from 44 to 392 in attendance (we are at 190). Due to our “across the board” athletic success, we were placed up to division III. These divisions are assembled according to percentages.  The current organization of Divisions is made in an effort to avoid problems of the past arrangement, such as excessive travel.  This also follows trends by schools in California. To summarize, enrollment size and geography determine playing schedules.

Coach Acuna has worked aggressively to address the area of Athletic Uniforms. Upon his arrival, some teams had no uniforms at all, while others had ill fitting or out of date uniforms.  Mr. Acuna has negotiated a good overall package with Under Armour for St. Gregory needs.  Before doing so, he determined which brands/companies would evoke pride among our athletes. There are some exceptions in using Under Armour, for example the swim team has Nike uniforms.

Coach Acuna has a goal to provide more recognition of athletic success on campus. He will continue to encourage all coaches to report all efforts and accolades so that they may be shared with the STG community. He strives to find and place coaches with a skill for the sport as well as an aptitude for motivating, training, inspiring and challenging our youth. Further, he is working to balance our athletic program to drive participation, welcoming diverse skill levels, while focusing on competition, inspiring success.

Coach Acuna welcomes all suggestions and comments.  Please contact him on his cell phone at 520-275-4563.

Minutes approved by majority vote on

Suzan Costich, FA Secretary
Kathy Ross, FA President

January 7, 2013

December 4, 2012 General Meeting Minutes

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In attendance: Sarah Artzi, Paula Babis, Mary Babbitt, Carol Baranowski, Pam Bass, Betsey Beckman, Rick Belding, Margo Caylor, Cathy Chavez, Suzan Costich, Valerie Deitch, Heather Faircloth, Monique Geller, Melody Lopez, Monika Glosslein, Liz Groskind, Susan Heinz, Stan Kissinger, Christine Maher, Andrea Mainman, Doug Purdom, Kathy Ross, Shelly Silverman, Rachel Villarreal, Naomi Weiner.

President Kathy Ross called the meeting to order @ 8:02 a.m.

Mrs. Ross began the meeting with introductions around the room. The meeting minutes from the November 6, 2012 FA meeting were approved. She also announced that a student led blood drive would be held and circulated a sign-up sheet.

Treasurer’s Report: The updated budget was circulated.  Naomi Weiner thanked those in attendance for adhering to the budget and stated that the budget was doing well.

Committee Reports:

Staff Appreciation: Kathy Ross stated that the November pie event went well, exceeding the number of pies requested for faculty by 10 pies. She announced that Julie Sligh was coordinating the December event (end of year gifts for faculty) and asked those interested in assisting to contact either Julie or herself.

Fine Arts: Cathy Chavez reported that approximately $200 was made during the Fall Upper School play bake sale.  An unknown amount was also made at the middle school play. The Winter Fine Arts Festival is scheduled for January 17th.  The costume committee for Les Miserable is inviting anyone who can sew to join.  The 1st meeting of this committee will be on December 10th.

Grad Night:  Stan Kissinger thanked Andrea for the Halloween gift bags presented to Seniors as a grad night “tease”. He also mentioned that the Berman family (Benjamin Supply) was graciously giving all proceeds from the Street Fair parking to help with Grad Night. A substantial amount of funds is typically made on this! In February, a meeting will be held with all parents of Seniors to review the planned event. To date, a venue has been decided on and reservations made.  STG Folding Chairs are also being sold to generate funds – let Stan know if you want one or want to help with sales!

Development Report: Board of Trustee member Douglas Purdom spoke on the importance of making Tax Credit contributions and recent changes to the program.  Joint filing couples can now contribute up to a total of $2006; single filers may contribute a total of $1003. If paying in installments, a minimum of $1006 (for joint filers) and $503 (for singles) must be paid first (by 12-31)  for eligibility in making the incremental tax credit payments.  Tax credits do not cost the donor anything as long as the donor contributes up to the amount of his/her Arizona State Income Tax liability (within specified guidelines). We appreciate any and all contributions and appreciate all families seeking out friends and relatives that might contribute. “Empty Nesters” are a good source for contributions. Kathy Ross mentioned that Rachel can customize any written material to provide a professional package to anyone interested. Rachel circulated a form for anyone to sign up as help in the Tax Credit Phonathon Evenings scheduled until the end of the year. She also reviewed that tax credit donations may be made up until April 15th for Arizona Income Tax.  However, to apply as a deduction towards 2012 Federal Income Tax, the donation must be made by December 31st. Shelly Silverman explained that the tax credit donations are really just a way of designating where your Arizona tax dollars go. Rick Belding added that the tax credit plan was immensely popular in the approximately 13 states now using it.

Rachel reminded all of the incredible matching gift opportunity where a generous donor would match up to $50,000 of donations made by December 31st.  Mrs. Ross concluded the discussion by thanking Mr. Purdom and the others for the information and their hard work on these important efforts.

Unfinished Business: Kathy Ross conducted the raffle drawing and awarded Monique Geller and Shelly Silverman with prizes.

Shelly Silverman thanked the Family Association for all of their efforts with the SIP.  She asked that recipients of a marketing survey (to be circulated in the near future) be honest with their replies.

New Business: No new business was brought to the floor.

The meeting was adjourned @ 8:40 a.m.

The formal meeting was immediately followed by a presentation by Mary Babbitt , who led a discussion on the pros and cons of using  the current textbook ordering company.  Alternatives were also discussed.  Please contact Mary in the office should you wish to provide feedback or inquire further.


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