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September 14, 2012

September 4, 2012 General Membership Meeting Minutes

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In attendance: Sarah Artzi, Carol Baranowski, Paula Babis, Pam Bass, Rick Belding, Margo Caylor, Cathy Chavez, Suzan Costich, Heather Faircloth, Monika Gloesslein, Gabrielle Gonzales, Susan Heinz, Amy Jobst, Stan Kissinger, Mary Catherine Leighou, Andrea Mainman, Sharon Norman, Kathy Ross, Shelly Silverman, Rachel Villarreal, Susan Warren, Naomi Weiner.

President Kathy Ross called the meeting to order @ 8:05 a.m.
The meeting minutes from the May 8, 2012 FA Annual meeting were approved. Kathy Ross stated that all meeting minutes will be posted on the FA website for parents to view.  (The FA website can be accessed from the top left corner of the St. Gregory website.)

Report from Board of Trustees: Shelly Silverman, President, presented an update on the search for a new Head of School. She explained that the process, led by Trustee Margaret Larsen, has included hiring a search consultant and conducting an in depth survey of parents. Currently there are approximately 15 very qualified candidates being reviewed for an ideal match.  She further explained that high quality candidates will view amazing parental involvement in a positive way.  She encouraged all of those in attendance to serve as ambassadors to reach out to others to foster a sense of ownership.  In this regard, parents should give now to the annual fund, be involved, be proactive and remain a positive force.  Kathy Ross added that parents may join an “occasional” list of volunteers who are polled for individual projects on an as needed basis. To sign up for this group, please visit the FA website.

Committee reports:

Athletics:  Gabrielle Gonzales reviewed plans for St. Gregory’s 6th annual Homecoming, to be held September 21.  Events begin at 4:00 p.m. with middle school Flag Football and continue with Volleyball in the gym and Soccer on the varsity field.  This is a fun, all school event with a BBQ starting at 5 p.m. and several activities, including student club participation.  Volunteers are appreciated with decorating the gym (planned at 2:00 p.m.), selling food tickets and running the grill.  Please sign up on the doodle poll, which is forthcoming.  Homecoming is a great way to meet other parents!

Treasurer’s Report: Naomi Weiner explained the format of a budget printout which was circulated.  Results from Booster Club will be incorporated into the next version.  Expenses can be quickly reimbursed by completing the appropriate form, found on the FA website as well as in the middle school office.

Booster Club: Kathy Ross reported for Laurie Kassman.  Through sales at the “Hawks Nest”, the Booster club was successful last year in raising $2000 towards the goals of building morale and audience participation.  Vic Acuna, Athletic Director, had requested that these funds be contributed to the cause of purchasing new side wall mats in the gym.  The mats will serve not only as protection for athletes but also as great St. Gregory “branding”.  Paula Babis made a motion that the Booster funds from 2011-2012 go towards the new gym mats.  Carol Baranowski seconded the motion and the motion was approved by a vote via show of hands.

Staff Appreciation: Kathy Ross reported for Julie Sligh.  Anyone interested in assisting with the monthly events should contact Julie.  All efforts with Staff Appreciation are typically well received by faculty and staff.

Fine Arts: Andrea Mainman and Cathy Chavez reported that a schedule of events and themes was not yet available.  They expect, however that the first event will be a middle school play followed by an upper school play in the Fall.  The Winter Fine Arts festival is also anticipated.

Parent Reps: The representative for the middle school, Mary Catherine Leighou, reported that 7th and 8th grade classes were busy planning their welcome back gatherings.  The incoming 6th grade glass held a very successful bowling party.  Absent from today’s meeting, Marsha Louchheim will report on upper school plans at the next FA meeting.

Shop & Give: Kathy Ross reported for Nancy Strong to say that Shop & Give is a great way to raise funds.  Please check the FA website for instructions on how to use purchases you already make to benefit the school.  Retailers such as Safeway and Office Depot offer beneficial programs. Cathy Chavez added that is there are currently bonuses available at Safeway, however, your Safeway card or account must be linked to the school at the beginning of each year.  Naomi Weiner suggested that each person go to to also link credit card purchases from specific credit cards.  Margo Caylor requested that this information be sent out to all parents as a reminder. Rachel Villarreal added that a restaurant program is in the works.

Grad Night: Stan Kissinger described the goal of keeping seniors together immediately after graduation to provide a safe, fun time for them to socialize one last time.  The venue is always kept secret until the night of event.  While costly, the advantage of using an out of town venue is avoiding visits by friends and teens from outside of the St. Gregory community.  Stan reported that possible venues will be discussed at the next Grad Night meeting, scheduled for Monday 9/10.

Development: Rachel Villarreal mentioned that solicitation efforts were beginning for both Annual Fund and Tax Credit.  The annual gala, the St. Gregory SIP, used to be a Spring event and is now a Fall event.  Our next SIP is scheduled for November 3rd at Loews Ventana Canyon.  Pam Bass, chair of the event, proclaimed that the SIP was going to be  a fantastic party, with **new** martini bar and fabulous auction focusing on jewelry, restaurant gift cards, spa services and more. Suzan Costich is assisting with auction efforts and welcomes any donations!  The event this year will feature hearty hors d’oeuvres (instead of a sit down dinner) and a short, fun program.

Headmaster Report: Rick Belding stated that it has been a good first four weeks of school.  Much hard work is being done on both campuses to manage schedules.  As always, parent support is appreciated along with continued responsiveness from students.

Unfinished Business: Kathy Ross conducted the raffle drawing and awarded 3 lucky winners with fun prizes.

New Business: No new business was brought to the floor.

The meeting was adjourned @ 8:46 a.m.

Speaker: Susan Warren, Director of International Student Programs & Admissions


September 2, 2012

May 8, 2012: General Membership Meeting Minutes

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In attendance: Carol Baranowski, Paula Babis, Gabrielle Gonzales, Vicky Keifer, Stan Kissinger, Suzan Costich, Cathy Chavez, Andrea Mainman, Monika Gloesslein, Sandra Maltry, Nancy Strong, Nancy Goodman, Kathy Ross, Amy Jobst, Pete Hillman, Liz Groskind, Pam Bass, Shelly Silverman, Laurie Kasserman, Jonathan Martin, Rachel Villarreal.

President Kathy Ross called the Family Association’s Annual Meeting to order @ 8:08 a.m.

The meeting minutes from the April 10, 2012 FA General meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s report: Nancy Strong stated the FA budget is in good shape, however it was necessary to re-balance in certain areas to cover overages.  End-of-year class parties are still in process, so please email Nancy with any end-of-year receipts that you would like to be reimbursed for. The FA budget for next year has been adjusted somewhat to allow more funding for the Spring Family BBQ. Also, the discretionary budget has been lowered by $1000, and the President’s fund is $1000.  The Budget for the 2012-13 year was presented, voted on and approved.

Committee Reports:

Grad Night: Stan Kissinger made a plea for more volunteers for Grad Night, which will be held Sat, May 19th.  They are in need of more staffing for the 1-6 a.m. shift; couples are welcome to split the 5-hour shift if that makes it more convenient.  They are in need of a photographer and additional decorating help as well.  Please contact Stan Kissinger if you would like to help.  The hours of the event will be 7:30p.m. – 1:30a.m. and then 1:30 – 6 a.m.

Booster Club: Laurie Kasserman was given a round of applause for the wonderful job she has done getting the Booster Club and Hawk’s Nest going.  Proceeds from the Hawk’s Nest have netted over $2000 in sales.  There will be a meeting with the Athletic Dept. to discuss how the proceeds will be utilized.

Athletics: Gabrielle Gonzales is hoping to schedule Homecoming next fall either October 5 or 19.  They are hoping to get more participation for the event by having an early kick off.

Staff Appreciation: Amy Jobst reported that the final Staff Appreciation luncheon will be held Wed, May 9, and will be hosted by the FA Exec. Board members.  All the staff luncheons were a huge success this year and really appreciated.  The Staff Appreciation committee next year hopes to continue partnering the monthly luncheons with each grade.

Fine Arts: Andrea Mainman reported the great success this year with all the Theater productions.  The last two events for this school year will be held May 11.  Isabells’s Ice Cream truck will be visiting the campus on May 11th from 11a.m. – 1p.m. for students to purchase ice cream.  They accept cash only and will be parked out front of school by the St. Gregory marquee.  The evening of May 11th there will be a middle school play, Art show & appetizers.  Kavo & Tunzi will provide the apple cobbler dessert.  Lisa Bodden would like a new spotlight for the Theater department at a cost of $500.  Monies for this purchase will be used from the proceeds raised from this year’s productions.

Kathy Ross made a motion to approve the $500 to purchase the spotlight.  The motion was seconded and approved.

Parent Reps: (Linda Naifeh-absent) Linda was the middle school representative this year and did a great job.  Cynthia Faig will be the representative for next year.  The Upper School representative will be Marsha Louchheim.

Development: Suzan Costich reported the school is still in need of 100% participation by all St. Gregory families in the Annual Fund.  A competition has been started between all the grades to get the most participation and the winning grade will be rewarded with a Mexican Fiesta lunch. It was stated that the Annual Fund helps bridge the gap between expenses to run the school and any deficit.  Additionally, any donations are tax deductible.  Donations for this school year will be accepted through May 17.  A breakdown of where the funds are utilized will be available.  It is very important that the percentage of participation increase, however at this point there is only an approximate 30% participation.  Shelly Silverman mentioned the importance of increased participation, especially during the search for a new school headmaster.

Shop & Give: Cathy Chavez reported that at the beginning of the school year it will be necessary to re-register your Safeway card to allocate funds towards St. Gregory’s.  The amount of money generated thus far from the program is $1,240.00.  However, there is a two month lag time prior to receiving the funds.  Nancy Strong will be heading the Shop & Give program for next year.

Headmaster report: Jonathan Martin gave a report on the great advisory program that is part of the St. Gregory educational curriculum, and in fact it will be featured in an upcoming book.  Some of the colleges and universities that this year’s graduating class will be attending next fall are Brown, Princeton, Stanford and U of A, just to name a few.  Students will be attending a variety of schools, which is a reflection of the strength of the class of 2012. Upcoming commencement activities include a dinner for Seniors and Faculty on Thursday, May 17, with Commencement following on Sat. and then Grad Night following the ceremony.

There are several new hires for both the Middle and Upper Schools, in addition to all teachers will be receiving a 2.7% salary raise, which is the 2nd time they have received raises within the past 3 years.  Enrollment is up for the next school year by 20 new students year to date and they expect to increase the International Student program to 10 – 12 students, with no more than 10% per grade level.  The school counselor will now be full-time for the next school year ,which is an increase from her part-time status. Carol Baranowski will be the new Business Director.

Kathy Ross made a tribute/ toast to Jonathan Martin in appreciation for all that he has done during his tenure at St. Gregory’s.

Unfinished Business: The spring BBQ was a huge success with approximately 225 people attending.  They hope to keep it growing for next year.

Next year’s budget was voted on and approved.

New Business: The Goetz Family Fund for Don Goetz’s family has been established.  Anyone who would like to make a donation can contact Carol Baronowski.  Please make checks out to St. Gregory’s and put Goetz Family in the memo section.

Nominating Chair: Nancy Goodman presented the new slate of officers for the FA Board for the school year 2012 – 2013.  A vote was taken to approve the new officers and it was approved.

The meeting was adjourned @ 9:20 a.m.


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