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July 8, 2019

FA Meeting Minutes – Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019

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The Gregory School

Family Association


Thursday, February 7, 2019

El Mirador Boardroom


Attendees:  Joy Mockbee, Alicia Sooter, Tanya Polec, Celia Bavier, Pam Farthing, Andrew Greenhill, Patti Wisnom, Catherine Ramus, Paula Allen, Katherine Pew, Hongyu Liu, Rose Schneider, Lynda Zimmermann, Ada Lewkowicz, Becky Knope, Iryna Myloserdna, Maria Vasilieva, Julie Sherrill, Sarajane Tier, Lori Patton, Tamar Bergantino, Nicole Westmoreland, Maria Elena Acuna, Tony Swensrud, Desi Winter, Elizabeth Goodwin, Darcy O’Brien, Anne Jie,  Mary Babbitt. 


FA President, Darcy Nagle-O’Brien, called the meeting at 8:53 a.m. 


Hawk Walk Angela Earnhart, Director of Athletics


Coach Earnhart encouraged more runners to sign up for the upcoming Hawk Walk on Sunday, February 10th. Registration had been extended to 8 a.m. on the day of the event. She asked parent or student volunteers to arrive at 8 a.m. and she would assign tasks. 


Summer Opportunities for Students David Schindel & Michelle Borleske


Mr. Schindel and Ms. Borleske distributed the list of “Summer PreCollege Programs for Middle & Upper School Students” and brochures of various programs. Both counselors said that participation in those programs would enhance a student’s experience, but would not improve his or her chance of getting into a particular college. Ms. Borleske emphasized that summer should be the time to relax and have fun. She mentioned that colleges looked for essays that focused on meaningful and challenging issues. Time spent on summer programs, travel, part-time work, or community service would help students on their essay writing. She said that job shadowing, internship, or paid jobs were equally important as college summer programs. Mr. Schindel said that students could also take classes at Pima Community College. A number of parents shared information about local programs.


For internship application, Ms. Borleske offered that a student resume should include education, favorite and relevant classes taken in school, ACT or PSAT score, awards and honors, as well as extracurricular activities. She encouraged kids to exchange ideas about the types of experience to be included on a resume. Dr. Sherrill added that participation in interim week was included in transcripts.


Finally, Mary Babbitt told the attendees that TGS would continue Minds Alive! Summer program for students entering 5th through 8th grade. Upper school students were encouraged to volunteer for the program, which would earn them community service hours. 


School Update Dr. Julie Sherrill, Head of School


Dr. Sherrill acknowledged and expressed appreciation for Sarajane Trier, who would move back to the Midwest. Dr. Sherrill said that the school was half way through its Annual Fund goal with 100% participation from the Board of Trustees and faculty but only 25% participation from families. She asked for help from families because participation rates would enhance the school’s grant writing. 


Dr. Sherrill further said that she would brought two issues to Upper School students in the upcoming meeting. The first was the importance of words in communication and the second was the vapor devices. Ms. Patton later showed attendees a Juul Kit ordered online. The group discussed aspects of how better to educate students and raise awareness of the harm of vaping. 


Family Association Matters


Staff appreciation would be held during Parent-Teacher Conferences with snacks for Middle School and lunch for Upper School. Sign-up for food drop-off and clean up would be available soon. 


Grad Night committee would have its fundraising event at Creative Juices at 2pm on March 3rd and $10 out of $35 fee would go to Grad Night. TGS fleece blankets are still available in the office for $25 and the entire proceeds will go to Grad Night. Email soliciting chaperones would be sent out soon.


Fine Arts committee would assist school events, as on the School Calendar. Parents would be welcome to attend the Art Extravaganza on February 15th during E4 session. Ms. Julia Conroy is looking for help to set up Cardboard City for the 5th graders during E3 on that day. 


Board of Trustee Report Patti Wisnom, President


Patti expressed appreciation to parents who were new to the FA meeting and for continued support to the school. The Board continues to focus on strategic planning. 


The minutes for the December meeting were approved. 


The meeting was adjourned on 10:02 a.m.


June 19, 2019

FA Meeting Minutes – Thursday, December 6, 2018

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The Gregory School

Family Association


Thursday, December 6, 2018

El Mirador Boardroom


Attendees:  Paula Allen, Darcy Nagle-O’Brien, Anne Jie, Rose Schneider, Gabriela Huber, Alicia Sooter, Jennifer Marshall, Norm Bunch, Cathryn Ramus, Patti Wisnom, Yaara Ellis, Lisa Wiedebush, Emeka Onuoha, Valerie Deitch, Elizabeth Goodwin, Mary Babbitt, Marie Moloney, Sarajane Tier, Julie Sherrill, Lori Patton.


FA President, Darcy Nagle-O’Brien, called the meeting at 8:55 a.m.


Tax Credit Scholarships & Annual Fund Sarajane Trier


Ms. Trier introduced the attendees to various School Tuition Organizations (STO) which would accept tax credit donation. TGS is a partner school of the Arizona Independent Schools Scholarship Foundation (AISSF). Parents may solicit donations through the Arizona Tuition Connection (ATC) or the Institute for Better Education (IBE). ATC will host parent workshops, including two at TGS on March 4th at 9 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. respectively. Separately, the school has an Annual Fund and encourages participation from faculty and community. The level of participation in the Annual Fund would affect the school’s grant applications.


School Update Dr. Julie Sherrill, Head of School


Dr. Sherrill echoed Sarajane Trier’s call for the use of tax credit scholarship and 100% participation in the Annual Fund. Dr. Sherrill also said that the decision for new students would be sent out on December 7th and so far 49 applications were under consideration. Re-enrollment for the 2018-19 school year would start on December 10th and be due on February 28th, after which the enrolment would be open to the general public. In January and February of 2019, the school would start to look for opportunities to attract “the best and the brightest talent” to join the faculty. Dr. Sherrill encouraged parents for referral and help in improving enrollment. She also invited parents to attend the reception to be hosted graciously by the Hazan’s family.


Board of Trustee Report Patti Wisnom, President


Patti thanked the FA and parents for their continued support to TGS.


Other FA Matters


Paula Allen asked the FA to inform parents on upcoming events. Attendees discussed the best way to communicate. Emeka Onuoha, FA Treasurer, gave a brief update on budget and expenditures. Lisa Wiedebush confirmed that the Winter Formal would be held at the Lodge of The Desert on January 26th.


Rose Schneider moved to approve the October FA Minutes and Valerie Deitch seconded. The minutes were approved.


The meeting was adjourned on 9:58 a.m.


February 11, 2019

FA Meeting Minutes – Thursday, October 11, 2018

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The Gregory School

Family Association


Thursday, October 11, 2018

El Mirador Boardroom


Attendees:  Darcy Nagle-O’Brien, Rebecca Sundt, Paula Allen, Patti Wisnom, Mara Selles, Becky Knope, Jen Richardson, Kim Schiff, Chris Robertson, Amber Wagner, Ada Lewkowicz, Rose Schneider, Gabrielle Gonzales, Ceci Alter, Claudine Messing, Anne Jie, Julie Sherrill, Marie Moloney, Lori Patton, Sarajane Tier, Mary Babbitt, David Schindel, Michelle Borleske.


FA President, Darcy Nagle-O’Brien, called the meeting at 8:56 a.m.


Hawk’s Pride Committee Jennifer Richardson

  • The committee meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month and the next meeting will be held at 8:45 am on Wednesday, November 7 in the Zenskin Hall. All meetings are open and the committee welcomes ideas.
  • The committee will carry an ongoing inventory of Hawk’s gear, such as sweatshirts. The committee coordinates with Coach Earnhart on snack sales and other activities.


School Update Dr. Julie Sherrill, Head of School


Dr. Sherrill gave a number of updates. On college counseling, Michelle Borleske started part-time in anticipation of Mr. Schindel’s retirement next May. Interim week would start and students would have the opportunities to do various projects that were integrated into their curricula. The school received the Independent School Accreditation report and great feedback from other dependent schools in the region. Inquiries have gone up. New donation from past parents and alumni helped fund the scholarships. With the support of one of the founders of the school, two new vans have been added for long-distance trips.


College Counseling David Schindel & Michelle Borleske


Mrs. Borleske presented 5 Fabulous Facts about College Exploration & Applications and 4-year College Exploration, Application and Planning Calendar. (The same materials have been presented to Upper School.) Mrs. Borleske welcomed parents and students to come for College Fair activities in the coming weeks through Spring.


Other Committee Reports


Gabrielle Gonzales gave a brief update on Grad Night’19 planning. Paula Allen said that MIddle School Dance was scheduled for November 9th and location for parent gathering has yet to be determined. Becky Knope had a final call for car wash tickets.


Becky Knope moved to approve the August FA Minutes and Rose Schneider seconded. The minutes were approved.


The meeting was adjourned on 10:05 a.m.


November 28, 2018

FA Meeting Minutes – Thursday, August 30, 2018

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The Gregory School

Family Association


Thursday, August 30, 2018

El Mirador Boardroom


Attendees:  Anne Jie, Darcy Nagle-O’Brien, Lisa Wiedebush, Jennifer Marshall, Norman Busch, Becky Knope, Amy Seifert, Rose Schneider, Emeka Onuoha, Joselyn Culver, Patti Wisnom, Gabrielle Gonzales, Rebecca Sundt, Elle Landry, Janet Orth, Steph Evic, Mara Salles, Paula Allen, Marnie Ackerman, Katia Soriaho-Noussair, Alacia Sooter, Janice Rodenberg, Tim McMahon, Dinah Dabdoub, Karla Lehmann, Jan Richardson, Andrea Gerlak, Mark Reynolds, Julie Shulick, Liza Healy, Yaara Ellis, Valerie Deitch, Christine Harland, Claudine Messing, Katherine Pew, Darlene Twiss, Will Smith, Elizabeth Goodwin, Lynda Zimmermann, Marie Maloney, Jim Evans; Julie Sherrill, Lori Patton, Sarajane Tier, Mary Laughbaum, Mary Babbitt.


FA President, Darcy Nagle-O’Brien, called the meeting at 8:53 a.m.


Hawk’s Pride Opportunities Angela Earnhart, Director of Athletics


Coach Earnhart said that the goal of this school year was to increase athletic participation. To that end, the Athletic Department was planning for raffle prizes, snacks for opening matches, and snacks for middle school and upper school games. Locker decoration for athletes was planned for Homecoming and two other times during the year. Coach Earnhart encouraged student athletes and parents to participate in the upcoming event on athlete recruiting process on September 9th. The annual Hawk Walk would be held on Sunday, February 10, 2019. Coach Earnhart was looking for sponsorship, volunteers, and participants.


Welcome and Introduction


The FA Executive Committee introduced themselves.


School Update Dr. Julie Sherrill, Head of School


Dr. Sherrill welcomed new families to the school. She recapped that the lunch program provided by SAGE was made possible by a grant of $500K from a nonprofit organization. The Board of Trustee would discuss further about strategic decision on the lunch program for 330 students. Dr. Sherrill shared the compliment from Ian Churchill, the manager of SAGE, and his team for the kindness and consideration shown by TGS students. The SAGE team also praised the healthy eating habits of our students.


Dr. Sherrill encouraged parents to take advantage of the tax credit program which provided significant funding to the school. She briefly discussed the corporate tax credit, which fell short last school year. Dr. Sherrill said that the school also consider reaching out to former parents for potential tax credit.


Dr. Sherrill introduced Mark Reynolds and complimented his team for establishing good rapport with students on campus. She said that security drills were about practice and communication. The school had improved security with a new public announcement system, two-way radios, emergency texts to parents, and evacuation plan.


Board of Trustee Report Patti Wisnom, President


Patti thanked the new parents, as well as the FA and its committees, for contributing to the TGS community. She said that the Board’s upcoming retreat in September would focus on finance and vision for the future.


Treasurer Report Emeka Onuoha, FA Treasurer


The FA budget was expected to meet its goal this school year if 200 families contributed $100 each. There are 261 families at the TGS. About 43 families contributed cash and checks at registration with more expected through PayPal. Emeka encouraged parents to contribute and participate in FA events.


Committee Reports


Homecoming Gabrielle Gonzales, Darlene Twiss, Yaara Ellis, Heather Harasty

  • Homecoming would take place on Thursday, October 4. Student Council activities would start at 3:30 p.m., followed by games and food trucks. She solicited help for decoration.
  • Gabrielle would send out a list of one-hour shifts through Signup Genius.


Hawk’s Pride Lisa Wiedebush, Jennifer Richardson

  • The snack bar for sport events was planned. Snack bags were given to first-away games.


Fine Arts Leslie Heros, Marie Maloney, Darlene Buhrow

  • Marie said that the Committee planned to provide snacks and refreshment for students and audience. The performances this year included: the US fall plays, Clue (Oct. 25, 26 & 27); winter play, Black Comedy (Jan. 18 & 19); spring musicals (early Feb.); and MS drama play (Feb. 15).
  • The executive committee members urged parent representatives and committee members to check up supplies in Room 11 before ordering any. Many plates, utensils and banners were left from previous activities.


Staff Appreciation Jennifer Cassius

  • The chair solicited ideas from parents how to improve the Staff Appreciation.


Shop & Gift Becky Knope

  • Darcy Nagle-O’Brien said that the green donation bin in partnership with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Tucson would remain the parking lot. The FA received a small percentage of the proceeds from the sales of donated items.
  • Becky Knope agreed to chair the committee for another year. She would get more car wash passes for sale to parents during Homecoming.


Winter Formal Lisa Wiedebush

  • The date has been set for Jan. 26, 2019. Location to be determined.


Middle School Reps Paula Allen

  • MS Welcome for 5th grade parents was held at the Tucson Racquet Club on August 12.
  • The welcome party for 6th grade was held at Fantastix on Aug. 18. The FA paid for ice cream and parents for the admission.
  • Meet & Greet for all middle school reps would be held on Sept. 7.
  • MIddle School Dance was scheduled for November 9th and Paula was looking for a place for a parent get-together nearby.


Upper School Reps Elizabeth Goodwin

  • Planning would be for the End of the Year party and Staff Appreciation. Communication links would be sent to FA, students and faculty.
  • General welcome for 9th graders and families was held the week of August 25th. Planning was underway for parent get-together and Grad Night’19, which would be a secret to the seniors.


Becky Knope moved to approve the May FA Minutes and Steph Evic seconded. The minutes were approved.


The meeting was adjourned on 10:03 a.m.

September 7, 2018

FA Meeting Minutes – Thursday, May 3, 2018

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In Attendance:  Janet Orth, Cathryn Ramus, Patti Wisnom, Emeka Onuoha, Rose Schneider, Marie Maloney, Darcy Nagel-O’Brien, Liz Healy, Lori Patton, Becky Knope, Julie Sherrill, Dinah Dabdoub, Lesie Williams, Anne Jie. 

  • Welcome and Introductions

FA President, Darcy Nagel-O’Brien, called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

  • School Update Julie Sherrill, Head of School 

The enrollment for 2018-19 was expected to reach about 320. Some grades might have wait lists. The school retained a majority of current 8th graders for the Freshmen class. The school was interviewing and would confirm new science and math faculty, finance director, and director of school safety in the coming months. The school kitchen would be renovated over the summer and ready for SAGE, the caterer, to start the school lunch program. 

  • Board of Trustees Report Patti Wisnom, Trustee

Patti gave a brief talk, echoing the update shared by Dr. Sherrill.

  • Treasurer Report Valerie Deitch, Treasurer

FA was expected to meet its budget. Shop & Give raised over $2500. The fund for the 8th grade party ($250) was donated to the Staff Appreciation because one family covered the venue and costs.

Committee Reports & Other Matters:

  • The activities by Hawks Pride and Fine Arts committees in late March and April were successful. Upper School parents were busy planning for Graduation Night. Some junior students were already discussing with parents and talking about Grad Night’19. 
  • Middle School Rep (Paula Allen):  The joint party of 6th and 7th grades at Skate Country went well. The same was for the 8th grade party. Planning was on the way for a welcome-back party in early August for existing and new families.  
  • The proposal of “Parents Prom Night” to encourage more support and raise funds from parents was discussed but no decision was reached. 
  • Dates and planning for 2018-19 registration were briefly discussed. 
  • The March meeting minutes was approved. 

The meeting ended at 9:54 a.m.

April 13, 2018

March 8, 2018 FA Meeting Minutes (with Attachments)

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In Attendance: Rose Schneider, Claudine Messing, Paula Allen, Gema Ornelas, Marcela Arizpuro, Connie Aaronson, Dinah Dabdoub, Rebecca Knope, Patti Wisnom, Jessie Zhou, Lori Patton, Gabrielle Gonzalez, Andrea Mainman, Emeka Onuoha, Dianna Williams, Julie Sherrill, Marie Maloney, Valerie Deitch, Jim Evans, Elizabeth Goodwin, Mary Babbitt, Sarajane Trier, Darcy Nagel-O’Brien, Kate Spaulding (guest speaker).

• Welcome and Introductions
FA President, Darcy Nagel-O’Brien, called the meeting to order at 9:01 a.m.

Guest Speaker Kate Spaulding, Pima County Teen Court Program
“Juvenile Law: Poor Choices Good Kid Make” Ms. Spaulding introduced the participants to Pima County Teen Court Program which focuses on the sentencing phase of teens arrested. She welcomed participation of students aged 12 or older to participate as defense, prosecutor, or jury. All participants will be trained, including mock trial participants. More information could be found at Please also see a copy of the quiz Ms. Spaulding shared.

School Update Julie Sherrill, Head of School
The school was seeing increased enrollment for the upcoming year. There were 20 students above what was expected. The school anticipated growth in the Freshmen class next year, retaining 80% of 8th graders and meeting the 60-student target. Next year’s junior class would be the smallest. With the increase, the school looked to more hiring of science and math faculty.

The Board of Trustees assigned an ad hoc committee to review the security protocol and evaluate resource issues. An information session was planned for April. Parent feedback would be sought.

The school welcomed feedback from students and parents on Friday Exploration. The school would set aside some resources for the faculty to plan and tie Friday Exploration to curriculum. Community service learning would also be planned for next year.

Dr. Sherrill also shared exciting updates on Spring musical, food services, world competition in Tel Aviv, state championship, and science night.

• Board of Trustees Report Patti Wisnom, Trustee
Patti briefly mentioned a Board meeting would be scheduled for spring break.

• Treasurer Report Valerie Deitch, Treasurer
Valerie updated on the FA budget and encouraged more shopping at Barsha. She also mentioned the donation bin from Big Brother Big Sister, which would give 5% of the proceeds to FA.
Paula Allen moved to approve January 2018 FA meeting minutes and Becky Knope seconded.

Committee Reports:
• Hawks Pride (Amber Adil): Banquet next month to recognize the US athletes.
• Fine Arts (Leslie Heros, Marie Maloney, Darlene Buhrow): Funny Girl is coming up. 4/5-7
• Middle School Rep (Paula Allen): A parent gathering was scheduled for the night of the Middle School Dance. The 6th and 7th grades would join for the end-of-year party, possibly at Skate County. The 8th grade would host party with expenses paid by the Hazen family. A fundraising night would be held at Lotaburger on 4/30 during US musical and basketball tournament.
• Upper School Rep (Elizabeth Goodwin): US is very busy. There would be 9-10 grade year-end parties. A few fun things, such as goodie bags for 100 days to graduation, were in planning.

• Reminder about parent volunteers for lunch program: Shifts are MS/US lunch are 11:25am to 12:45pm. Choose as many or as few days as you like. Any questions or link to sign-up genius, please contact Amie Bergersen (

The meeting ended at 9:56 a.m.

NEXT FA MEETING: Thursday, May 3, (9 – 10:00 a.m.), El Mirador Board Room

February 28, 2018

January 18, 2018 FA Meeting Minutes

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Family Association
Meeting Minutes

Thursday, January 18, 2018
El Mirador Boardroom

In Attendance:  Gabrielle Gonzales, Patti Wisnom, Anne Jie, Darcy Nagle-O’Brien, Andrew Messing, Claudine Messing, Emeka Onuoha, Rose Schneider, Valerie Deitch, Jim Evans, Kathrine Pew, Natalie Gruenstein, James Robertson, Nansol Martinez Campa, Julie Sherrill

  • Welcome and Introductions

FA President, Darcy Nagel-O’Brien, called the meeting to order at 6:39pm

  • Guest Speaker        David Schindel, College Counseling

Mr. Schindel shared an article from the New York Times that summarized what elite colleges were seeking in candidates, “What Colleges Want in an Applicant (Everything)”, Education Life, The New York Times, Nov. 5, 2017.  In Q&A, Dr. Sherrill and Mr. Schindel both credited the school for its emphasis in challenging courses for students.  Both encouraged parents and students to speak to Mr. Schindel for further questions.

  • School Update        Dr. Sherrill

Both Middle School and Upper School have improved the Friday Exploration Programs based on feedback from students and parents. Students can now sign up for seminar-like classes, such as the Religions Around the World series. Dr. Sherrill encouraged parents to talk to their children’s advisors about Friday choices and check out what their children have signed up for.

Dr. Sherrill also said that thanks to a generous donation the school has completed a comprehensive security assessment. The report with recommendations was presented to the Board of Trustee. The high priority for implementing the recommendation was “low cost, do now”, such as repairing the fence around the campus and being able to lock classroom from inside. One other recommendation was to put anti-shattering film on glass windows.

Dr. Sherrill also reported that enrollment was positive. There are 60 seats in the incoming Freshmen class. The lists for 5th and 8th grades, as well as the Freshmen class, have closed. The school will continue its small-class philosophy, but having more students will help strengthen the athletic programs. Dr. Sherrill also mentioned that the goal for the annual fund is $150K and $115K was collected.

  • Board of Trustees Report        Patti Wisnom

Patti Wisnom said that the focus of 2018 continued to be financial strength. She thanked parents for their support.

  • Treasurer Report        Valerie Deitch

Valerie Deitch gave her Treasurer’s report. Although income is slightly below expectation, certain actual expense items were reasonable and within expectation.

Committee Reports:

  • Hawks Pride        Amber Adil

o   The committee is seeking sponsors for Hawk Walk on Saturday, February 11, 2018. We are also seeking items to be put in goody bags and will need about 350-400 pieces per item.

o   From Coach Earnhart:  Hawk Walk website has a link for volunteers. There are also on The Gregory School’s web page under “event.”

  • Fine Arts        Leslie Heros, Marie Maloney, Darlene Buhrow

o   Middle School Play will be on February 16. Upper School Play will be on March 1-3, followed by Musical, the Funny Girl, in April.

  • Winter Formal                                   Lisa Wiedebush

o   Winter Formal will be at the brand new Truly Nolen Leadership Center. The dance is chaperone by both parents and faculty. Tickets ($30) are available in the office from Ms. Mogul and will available Friday night at Basketball game.

  • Middle School Rep        Paula Allen

o   The 5th grade reps are planning a class Valentine’s day party for students and teachers. The 6th and 8th grades will host the Staff Appreciation lunch on Thursday, March 8th. Sixth and 8th grade parent reps will be receiving a planning email soon. There will be a MS parent gathering during the MS dance on Friday, February 9th. Details to follow.


The December minutes was approved.

The meeting was adjoined at 7:44 p.m.


November 29, 2017

October 12, 2017 FA Meeting Minutes

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NEXT FA MEETING: Thursday, Dec. 7, 8:50 am – 10:00 am, El Mirador Boardroom


Family Association
Meeting Minutes

Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017
El Mirador Boardroom


In Attendance: Becky Knope, Emeka Omeha; Cynthia McDaniel; Ilene Quander, Amber Adil, Darcy Nagle-O’Brien, Amy Bauland, Paula Allen, Monika Gloesslein, Patti Wisnom, Andrea Mainman, Mary Babbitt, Sarajane Trier, Lori Patton, Rose Schneider, Valerie Deitch, Anne Jie, Dinah Dabdoub, Julie Sherrill

  • Welcome and Introductions


FA President, Darcy Nagel-O’Brien, called the meeting to order at 8:56 a.m.


  • Guest Speaker                                                      Coach Angela Earnhart


Coach Earnhard introduced the Hawk Walk to be held by the Athletic Department on February 11, 2018. She said that Jimmy Johns would be the $1,500 title sponsor and the event needs more sponsors. Any sponsorship of $250-300 would be recognized on local iHeart Radio station. All sponsorships require paperwork in hard copy or online. Amber Adil generously offered to be the $400 pancake sponsor. Coach Earnhart said that since the race is before Valentine’s Day there will be a Crazy Cupid one-mile race on campus with other activities. She also encouraged promotion of the event outside the school community.


  • School Update                                                     Dr. Sherrill


Ms. Lori Patton made a presentation of the upcoming Interim Week and was well received. The same presentation was also made to the Board of Trustees. Ms. Patton also presented the Friday Exploration, which was designed to have flexibility and choices. Choices are made based on surveys of parents and students. For example, American sign language and Arabic were chosen by student. For upper school, the Friday Exploration also included internships for seniors and community service (e.g. Cyber Senior).


  • Treasurer Report                                                 Valerie Deitch

Valerie Deitch gave her Treasurer’s report. Although income is slightly below expectation, certain actual expense items were reasonable and within expectation. She encouraged the promotion of Barsha Cards left from last fiscal year.


  • Board of Trustees Report                                    Patti Wisnom


Patti Wisnom, Andrea Mainman, and Monika Gloesslein were three trustees present at the meeting. Before Patti spoke and upon Dr. Sherrill’s request, Sarajane Trier gave an update on enrollment. The school has received 11 applications for 5th grade and early admission is December 8th. If all current 8th graders advanced to 9th grade, there would only be six spots available for next year’s 9th grade. For the current school year, the retention rate is 92% and 96 students were new. Dr. Sherrill said that given the tuition had been kept the same for the past four year there would be a small tuition increase of $575 at each grade and the enrollment fee (creditable against tuition) would also be increased to $1500 from $500. Patti concurred that the Board has given its approval for the tuition and fee increases.


Committee Reports:

  • Homecoming                                                        Gabrielle Gonzales, Darlene Twiss

Gabrielle said that all preparation was going well and encouraged all to bring friends and relatives.

  • Hawks Pride                                                         Amber Adil

Amber said that one of her committee’s goals was to help out Hawk Walk. She hoped to secure prizes and raffle tickets. The committee also tried to find creative ways to recognize student athletes throughout the year.

  • Fine Arts                                                              Leslie Heros, Marie Maloney, Darlene Buhrow

Upper School plays are scheduled for Oct. 26 and 27. The committee will be selling dinner tickets for use before the Thursday night play.

  • Membership Committee                                     Ginger Hunt

Ginger was not present, but Darcy said that the committee still planned to meet for coffee between 7:30 and 8:45 the first Tuesday of the month starting November.


  • Staff Appreciation                                               Andrea Mainman, Tamar Bergantino

Farmer’s Market has been planned for November. The committee is working on two events next Spring.


  • Shop & Give                                                          Becky Knope

Becky planned to have Mr. Car Wash passes and Barsha cards for sale at Homecoming.


  • Winter Formal                                                      Lisa Wiedebush

The committee inspected the venue and was satisfied. The formal is on schedule for January 20th.


  • Middle School Rep                                               Paula Allen

The 5th grade welcome party in October went well with 18 out of 24 families attended. The reps met and had good discussion. Seventh grade had its fall decoration event. Middle school dance is planned for 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on November 9th. Elizabeth Goodwin will host the parents gathering in her house.


  • Upper School Rep                                                  Elizabeth Goodwin

Elizabeth had reached out to all US reps. Not much activities have been planned other than Homecoming and Farmer’s Market. Given how busy high school students are, the key role for US Reps is to keep the students and families informed and keep the communication open.



The August minutes was approved with Becky Knope moved and Elizabeth Goodwin seconded.

The meeting was adjoined at 10:21 a.m.


Important Upcoming Dates:

Homecoming, Friday, October 13, 4 – 8:30 p.m.

US Homecoming Dance, Saturday, October 14, 8 – 10:30 pm

Interim Week, Oct 16 – 19/ Rotary Show – no classes on Friday, Oct. 20

US Art Show/Fall Play, Thursday, Oct. 26 & Friday, Oct. 27, 6:30 (art show) /7:30 (play)

Middle School Dance, Thursday, November 9, 6:00 pm        (should be 6:30)

Veteran’s Day Observed, no classes, Friday, November 10

FA-sponsored Staff Appreciation Farmer’s Market, Tuesday, November 21

Thanksgiving Holiday, November 22-24

All School Art Show/Music Program, Wednesday, November 29, 5:30 (art show)/6:30 (music)

August 8, 2015

2015-2016 Family Association Welcome!

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August 7, 2015

Dear Gregory School Families,

The Family Association would like to welcome all of you to the 2015-16 school year at The Gregory School!

The Family Association (“FA”) has been assisting the students and faculty of the school for many years, and you as families attending The Gregory School are automatic members of this great association.  Each family at The Gregory School contributes $75 annually to support our many efforts throughout the year.  With your annual contribution, the FA is able to take on the following activities and events that benefit the entire student body:

Back to school events and spring family BBQ

Parties and community building activities for each grade

Athletic support through the Hawks nest, Homecoming and end of season team parties

Fine arts support for concerts, plays, musicals, art and photography shows

Staff appreciation luncheons and happenings throughout year

Fundraiser events, Annual Fund and Tax Credit support

School recruitment and retention events

Student events such as MS Rome Day, birthday celebrations, and US Winter Formal

Helping on campus with the  library and special academic events

We are looking forward to meeting new families and getting re-acquainted with returning families.  Stop by the FA table during Registration days on August 10 (8am-noon) and August 11 (1pm-5pm) to sign up for a committee or ask questions about upcoming events.  If you are unable to stop by during Registration Days, feel free to e-mail questions, or volunteer interest, to any of the Executive Committee members listed below.   You will find being involved with the FA, in any capacity, is a rewarding experience.  Working with our great TGS students, parents and faculty in new and meaningful ways creates a well-rounded community that is not only an important factor of the entire TGS experience, but so appreciated by the students and faculty.  Our students and faculty work hard throughout the year, and some of the fun events, for which the FA is responsible, are a refreshing break from the daily routine.

Our first event of the new school year will be an ice cream social featuring Isabella’s delicious homemade ice cream!  The social takes place on August 11, 5-7pm, by the theatre.  Join us!

Also, mark your calendars for the first FA meeting of the year on Thursday, August 20, at 8:50 in the El Mirador Boardroom, located on campus.  Coffee and baked goods will be served and Dr. Sherrill will be passing along some details about the upcoming school year.

2015-2016 FA Executive Committee and e-mail addresses:

Co-President – Christina Maher (

Co-President – Alicia Saposnik (

Vice President – Laura Swenson (

Treasurer – Valerie Deitch (

Secretary – Paula Allen (

Nominating Chair – Gabrielle Gonzales (

Visit the Family Association web pages at for information about the association, meeting minutes and correspondence.

Check out for reward programs that benefit our school.  Office Depot gives TGS a generous 5% on in-store and on-line purchases when you use The Gregory School ID# 70005110.

Thank you for your anticipated support….it is going to be a great year at The Gregory School!

Go Hawks!

August 13, 2012

2013-2014 Family Association Calendar

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FA meetings are  held on the first Wednesday of each month. Please join us for delicious snacks, amazing door prizes and fascinating speakers.

Meeting reminders with speaker information, and updates will be sent through email and the weekly eView. Everyone is welcome!

Please visit the FA webpages found by clicking on the button on the upper left corner of the school website at for other updates and meeting minutes.

During each FA membership meeting, we will:

*  Share a brief report of all committee activities

*  Encourage new ideas or suggestions for supporting STG

* Hear from Dr. Sherrill about the state of the school.

* Listen to speakers from the faculty and administration.


Meeting Day/Date/Description/ Location

Come to our table at registration to learn about the FA and sign up for committees July 30th, 31st and August 1st.


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